PlayStation Experience to Become an Annual Event

This morning at the PlayStation Experience Keynote, it was announced that the show would become an annual event.

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ValKilmer1473d ago

Thank god, gamers need something better than PAX.

nX1473d ago

Awesome news, this should be one of the highlights of every coming year :D
Great show so far, completely focused on us gamers - the CEO even started it off in a casual outfit :D

PizzaSteve1473d ago

That's true bro. Sony cares about their product and the gamers.

ABizzel11473d ago

Planning reservations for next year.

OB1Biker1473d ago

What??? I thought he was just kidding and then said 'wait not annually, it s the first time ever'

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Relientk771473d ago

Fantastic news


I'll be watching this every year

hopefully I'll be able to go sometime

slutface1473d ago

Sony is a true videogame company...always giving to its fans. Xbox have anything similar to this?

JoGam1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

I think they do. Not sure if its the same or a little different.

LOGICWINS1473d ago

LOL..why would u get disagrees for saying that?

JoGam1473d ago

Guess u and I are being attacked by the fanboys. Lol

NegativeCreep4271473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Microsoft will respond in kind to this news...Aaron Greenburg will now announce that every year, if you DON'T WATCH the Playstation Experience, he will personally send you a free Xbox One game with an autographed photo of himself...smeared with a little bit of Twinkie cream and scented with shame.

DigitalRaptor1473d ago

So good.

More game announcements every year! =)

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The story is too old to be commented.