PSX Extreme: NASCAR 09 Review

PSX Extreme writes: "NASCAR racing is kind of like car racing with Zoolander-complex...except Zoolander could only turn right. Regardless, the sport is extremely popular in the United States, and if you think there's something remotely easy about controlling a vehicle constantly moving at speeds between 160 to 200MPH, with 43 cars on a fairly narrow road, you may want to get your head examined. Additionally, NASCAR is solely based on skill, as all NASCAR vehicles on the track are virtually identical in performance, and the only thing that separates them would be fine-tuning aspects such as tire pressure, transmission gearing, suspension firmness, and downforce. All of those intricacies find their way into EA Sports' latest NASCAR outing for the 2009 season.

NASCAR 09 stars Jeff Gordon, who is the game's guide. Upon booting the game up, Gordon will appear with various informational guideline for you to keep in mind. At the beginning of it all, you'll select your drive style, and be allowed to go on a test drive piloting Gordon's very own #24. You can either play the game with a horde of assists (don't do this), or take full control of your vehicle by turning all assists off. Shortly after you've toyed around with game settings, the game will give you a vehicle of your own, by allowing you to customize the livery with sponsors, decals, and colors. As is commonplace with today's sports games, your personal vehicle is the one you'll be using in the career mode, called Chase For NASCAR Spint Cup. Here is where you'll run across three different series, including the Craftsman Truck Series, Nationwide Series, and the Sprint Cup Series."

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