Dark Zero: Alone in the Dark Review

Dark Zero writes: "Sixteen years ago, Infogrames released the original Alone in the Dark. Its fixed camera angles and pre-rendered backgrounds set the stage for 3D survival horror games for years to come. Despite the eye-wateringly blocky graphics it was a truly horrifying experience. Atari's next-gen re-imagining of the Alone in the Dark franchise is also eye-watering and horrifying, but not in a good way.

In 1992, Alone in the Dark got off on the right foot, with a frantic opening that required quick reactions to save yourself from being immediately dismembered by monsters. In 2008, Alone in the Dark begins with painful blurred vision and an introduction to the 'blink button'… After a linear beginning in which you are literally shoved in the back if you try to deviate from the path, you soon realise this game will be tough to love.

Alone in the Dark is the very definition of a mixed bag. It's the equivalent of a bag of Revels, in which many of the sweets are some of the most delicious morsels of gameplay you've tasted in a while, but to get to those you unfortunately have to dig through the rest of the bag, which is consistently filled with testicle-flavoured crap."

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