Game consoles are in their last cycle, will be irrelevant in 10 years, analyst says

During this year’s Game Monetization Conference in San Francisco, Michael Pachter, a managing director and analyst for Wedbush Securities, shared updated data and his latest thoughts on the future of the games industry (game consoles in particular) – for the next 10 years.

For the most part, Pachter addressed issues that many individuals, even those outside of the games industry, already know. That is to say, that while the physical aspect of gaming retail is staying fairly consistent, the digital segment is expanding dramatically:

Which leads to what many gamers may or may not find controversial – Pachter essentially believes that game consoles are a dying breed, due to his prediction that in the near future – mobile devices (phones, tablets) will be able to play AAA-level console games.

Pachter - "I think it’s the last cycle for consoles because you’re not going to need a game console to play a console game. I think consoles are irrelevant in ten years."

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Manic20141384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Pachter - "I think it’s the last cycle for consoles because you’re not going to need a game console to play a console game. I think consoles are irrelevant in ten years."

............................. ..Yeah ok, I believe you. /s

DesertFoxJr1384d ago

While I don't believe in the future extinction of game consoles, I am interested in his idea for cross-platform "everything" such as multiplayer. Publishers collaborating so you can play with or against friends regardless of platform.

LOGICWINS1384d ago

Calm down. He's just saying that in the future, gaming will become more digital/streaming focused to the point where you'll be able to put a USB stick in your TV and literally play a full-fledged AAA game from there.

Thats all. Nothing to be angry about.

Manic20141384d ago

Lol, Not angry was just joking around. That being said i still think he is wrong, console gaming in my opinion will never die.

LOGICWINS1384d ago

Your right..console gaming won't die. You'll just get it in a much smaller package than your used to.

UKmilitia1384d ago

in the future i will get older.

how is this guy still making a living making predictions>

mystic meg was better

SilentNegotiator1384d ago

You got anger out of "yeah, ok"? Seriously?

ABizzel11384d ago


Console gaming will die when the need for dedicated hardware dies, and internet connection is fast enough across the major gaming territories to support full game streaming. The generation after that will be the end of console hardware, and introduce game services.

However, that's not happening for another 20+ years, this gen is starting with things like PSNow. Next-gen will likely enhance the PSNow concept of playing anywhere on anything streamed from your console device. The gen after that will be the introduction of this full streaming concept.

TheSaint1384d ago

Nobody is angry, not being very logical are you.

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GMR_PR1384d ago

"Game consoles are in their last cycle, will be irrelevant in 10 years, analyst says"

HA! They said the same las gen..

LackTrue4K1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

And he we are watching PSx 20 years anniversary...."today

showtimefolks1384d ago

Whatever man as long as there are gamers there will be consoles. Every gen they say it's the last than we keep getting more and more. Plus the market is only getting strong with new consoles

BG115791384d ago

I might had, if Patcher says something, then the opposite is going to happen. This guy still hasn't got one thing right about this generation of consoles until now, so why stop?

kingduqc1384d ago

Why would you want to buy a console if a pc does everything a console do but better and faster? On top of that hardware is fixed and not flexible.

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stuna11384d ago

Oh happy day! So going by Pachter prediction, my grand children children will be still enjoying console gaming! Instead of batting a 1000, Pachter is missing 1000. How could you not love this guy!? Because of his predictions having the opposite effects through his predictions we have all enjoyed the best time in gaming.

So keep up the good work Pachter, but seriously don't quit your day job.

LOGICWINS1384d ago

His day job IS making predictions. He's an analyst.

Ra30301384d ago

Yes he's a guesser thats guesses wrong more than he's right yet gets paid very well for bring wrong more than right.....only in Merika. .

BG115791384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

I think he's not being payed by the average of right predictions, because if he was so, he'll be homeless right now.

stuna11384d ago

i know his job is a analyst, but he's a financial analyst which I'm sure if his track record was as bad, well it's simple he wouldn't have a job.

Sm00thNinja1384d ago

I hate this guy he's about as accurate as a weatherman

n1kki61384d ago

I actually don't completely disagree, I think we will see another console, but I thing it will evolve into something different than a machine that all of the hardware is local. I think consoles will bring something different with more cloud processing and streaming. PC's will continue the upward trend of becoming easier for use in the living room and that could fill a local power void if people want a custom solution.

slutface1384d ago

Sounds like he just pulls out random shit from a hat

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