Dungeon Defenders 2 is a PS4 console exclusive

"Dungeon Defenders 2 launches on PlayStation 4 in 2015, developer Trendy Entertainment has announced.

The free-to-play tower defence action role-playing sequel launched on PC via Steam Early Access this week.

Trendy's Philip Asher told Eurogamer the PS4 version will be "pretty much identical" to the PC version, so you can expect the same visuals, free-to-play model and microtransactions on PS4 as there will be on PC when the latter comes out of Early Access next year."

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jegheist20141470d ago

free to play buts its 20 bux on steam thats makes logical sense

Debaitable1470d ago

Well they want people who are helping test the alpha actually report bugs to help improve the game before release. Not just add another game to their catalog.

3-4-51470d ago


DD1 was an awesome game, and a lot of fun to play.

This is early access on PC right now but I'm waiting until Full Release.

* DLC will be Free but the cosmetics will be pay as you want.

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Blastoise1470d ago

Keep it. The first was good, I'd be well up for this but the free-to-play model puts me right off