Second Opinion: Why Defense is Overpowered in Smash 4

An exhaustively detailed look at why defensive tactics are too strong in Smash Wii U, written by a competitive veteran. Also, online features n' stuff.

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guitarded771104d ago

I got SSB last week, and I'm finding it a bit unbalanced in some ways. It's more a battle of luck than skill in most cases. It's a great game, but I'm not getting pulled back to it like some other games. Maybe it was just all the hype leading up to it... I've had far more fun with Mario Kart 8 this year. JMO... <enter disagrees>

Concertoine1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

Are you playing for glory 1v1? There's not luck in that. What do you mean by luck?

On topic of the article, rolling has too much power in this game. But overall, game's great. All the characters are pretty balanced unlike Brawl which was meta knight or meta knight.

cpayne931104d ago

I've always hated how some people play smash by just shielding, then grabbing out of shield. Or in the new one, by rolling from one end to the other and spamming projectiles. Rolling needs to be slower I think... Or more punishable somehow.

GokuSolosAll1104d ago

It's certainnly no Melee,, which was more balanced between defense and offense, but it's better than Brawl...

franwex1104d ago

I haven't gotten a chance to play the game myself, but this is the feedback I hear a lot. I guess Melee will always be the best.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1103d ago

i actually have no problem countering ppl who roll all the time they become predictable and punishable that way.