New Zelda’s open world is a daring feature

The Zelda games have always to a certain degree featured an open world. Going “all in” the way Nintendo does with the upcoming title, could prove to be somewhat too reckless.

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iplay1up21440d ago

Nintendo knows what they are doing. I doubt they are biting off more than they can chew. If anything they will show the rest how open world should be done.

TheLeapist1439d ago

I have wanted a huge open world Zelda game like this for so many years. That being said though as they were running around in the footage it felt very empty and boring. I am sure they'll add things to do out in the wild but if they don't I could see it getting really tedious really fast.

Metallox1439d ago

If you detect the issue, what does make you think that they wouldn't detect it? And we're talking about Nintendo, so it's very highly unlikely that the game isn't going to be enjoyable.

breakpad1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

@ TheLeapist exactly this stage it looks like an unlimited empty grassland ...also why Nintendo are so attached to cel-shaded graphics?? Generally cel-shaded graphics are used in budget titles because is an easy/cheap method for gaming visualization. Couldnt use a more photo-realistic approach like Twilight?? (i dont mean the concept art direction which is anime inspired ..Zeldas were always anime like and that is excellent)

naggynerd1439d ago

I agree completely with breakpad. I've never been fond of the cel shaded graphics either. I want a dark and photorealistic Zelda.

frezhblunts1439d ago

...... I am sorry but even if there were emptiness that leaves more room to play around on epona and enjoy the environment like when he was riding on epona with other wild horses in the video. As we saw also he put a marker to go to not to far from his location as it looked on the map but yet took him a lot longer than I thought to reach that destination so it shows how dense that map is. Don't worrry nintendo will make it right they won developers of the year

Realplaya1439d ago

I watched the uncharted reveal and guess what they were running around and the game felt very empty. It's funny because no one has mentioned it only saying it looks good.

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joab7771439d ago

It is a BIG deal b/c b/w the last Zelda and this one, games like Skyrim, Dragon Age and The Witcher 3 will release. And the last 2 have managed huge open worlds with great stories.

Now that I think about it, Batman and MGS5 will also be huge open worlds with great stories..insane immersion as well as so much more.

It's alot for Zelda to live up to. You can't simply have an open world with miles of trees and pillars marking dungeons.

ShinMaster1439d ago

"they will show the rest how open world should be done"

That's a pretty arrogant statement considering all the advances other games have made over the years that Nintendo is just now trying for the first time with Zelda.

C_Ali881439d ago

They have Monolith Soft 'Nuff said, Nintendo wouldn't venture with one of their marquee franchises if they didn't trust the expertise is there.

So its arrogant for you to assume this isn't being dealt with accordingly! This isn't some two bit developer.

*Please Understand*

Concertoine1439d ago

The funny thing is, they aren't advancing whatsoever, they're just going back to their roots. He makes a point of saying this in the E3 intro to the new zelda.

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Geekman1439d ago

This comment fits in PERFECTLY with your username.

SMcNu7151439d ago

... They've always been open world though...

naggynerd1439d ago

Yes, to some degree. But not of this scope. There's a lot of empty grass to fill with content.

smoothdude1439d ago

They were trying to do this with Zelda 64 but the project was too big for the tech at the time. I can't wait to play this game!

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Concertoine1439d ago

They also planned to have your footprints stay in the world and disappear progressively, and grass grows real time and stuff. They had a lot of good ideas banking on the 64DD that i'm surprised they never brought back as their hardware got better.

Relientk771439d ago

It looked really good at the Game Awards last night

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