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"Retro City Rampage DX is not just a parody game improved upon from its original outing. It’s a mixture of 8-bit revival and a love letter to the era to which it’s emulating: the 1980s. Video games, movies, music—nothing is too weird or niche to get a shout-out by these pixilated sprites and storefronts, meaning this is a game so completely up my alley that I’m starting to think this was some sort of a “Truman Show” situation. I think one of the developers might've read my journal...

For those who missed it the first time, RCR is the story of Player—that’s you, err, the player—who finds a time machine piloted by two gnarly dudes (insert your favorite guitar riff here), but breaks it on re-entry into the world. He’s discovered by a crazy scientist in a car with top-hinged doors that needs to reach a certain speed to go back in time too, to travel back to find the right parts so Player can get back, presumably, to do more terrible things in his time… because in both times, he’s a murdering thief who does whatever criminal acts someone’s willing to pay him for. Or doesn’t pay him for.(Seriously, he kills a LOT of people."

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Xaphy1465d ago

I played the original and loved it should I get this one?

Deep-throat1465d ago

They should update the original. Greedy people.