WWE 2K15 PC release. Email sent by 2k Games

An email sent by 2k Games about the wwe2k15 pc release.

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Ezz20131469d ago

This tell us .....nothing

iNFAMOUZ11469d ago

"the minute it is announced i will pre order it for pc"
-by a 2k rep

confirmation, you did get something, now all we need is a date

Hoffmann1469d ago

Just update the graphics of Here Comes The Pain and release that one on steam instead of the crappy games of the last years.

exnoob1469d ago

This game is absolutely terrible!! Sold it 5 days after I got it

WeirdShroom1469d ago

I wonder if they will ban people on PC for creating a custom He Who Shall Not Be Named like they are doing with consoles. Shame too, he was a fantastic athelete, murder/suicide aside.

Hoffmann1468d ago

Chris Benoit....oh noes I said it!

ABBAJESUS1468d ago

They cant ban if you play Chris Offline. You cant download Chris from their servers for sure, but from some modding sites you can for sure.