Thief on PS4 is a steal at £10.13

Dealspwn writes: Various vendors through the link are selling pre-owned copies of Thief on PS4 from £10.14. They're marked as 'very good' condition and you can spend a few more pennies and get a 'like new' copy for a very tempting £10.72. You're looking at £15-£20 for a new copy, so the saving is a reasonable one. Still not sure? Try out the demo on PSN first.

The Thief reboot didn't set the world on fire, but it's a solid enough effort for fans of all things sneaky. Do yourself a favour and turn off most of the guides and other cheaty elements and you'll find the experience all the more rewarding. Be sure to take a look at Matt's full review.

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richierich1417d ago

Id rather keep the £10.13

Tinglebob1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Would be a steal if the game wasn't utter crap would find it hard to be bothered to play this if it was free

Toon_Link1417d ago

I bought it for 12 usd and I regret the purchase. Save the money for something worth playing.