Can you ignore Wolfenstein on PS4/XO for £14.99?

Dealspwn writes: Now the dust has settled on Black Friday, there are still some hot deals to be had, like Wolfenstein: The New Order for £14.99. These are pre-owned versions, so access to the upcoming Doom beta is not guaranteed. You will save a fiver over the next best deal though.

Wolfenstein: The New Order has a huge shout at my Game of the Year pick thanks to providing a classic bombastic old school shooter experience. There's an outstanding stealth game in there too if you fancy being a bit sneaky. Fantastic replay value is offered by multiple routes, unique skills and loads of treasure to reclaim from the Nazis. The story is way better than I expected too, with a pleasing mix of emotions and grin-inducing one liners. More of this please!

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Kingdomcome2471467d ago

If I didn't already own it, I wouldn't be able to resist at that price.

LightDiego1467d ago

It's a great game, if you never played, do it!

Angeljuice1467d ago

I have a copy next to my PS4, played it for half an hour a few weeks ago and haven't touched it since.
I just can't get into it, I don't know why.

1467d ago
camel_toad1467d ago

Going by how you said you played it only maybe 30 minutes I can understand. I felt the same way the first 30 min or so because it just seemed waaaay too familiar BUT after you get a little further you start to see what seperates it from the other ho-hum fps. Really good game and I definitely recommend going back to it.

Redgehammer1467d ago

I agree with what camel said. I beat the game on the third highest difficulty; concordantly, I found it to be an extremely challenging, at times, and avery very satisfying game to complete.

Vegamyster1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Picked it up on Steam for $20 today, pretty fun so far.

TedCruzsTaint1467d ago

Can't argue anything at that price.
Less than $20 for one of best FPS of the last few years.