Xbox One fans warned of new Xbox Live outage after December online issue

Xbox One fans have been warned there could be more Xbox Live outages over Christmas after hacker group Lizard Squad claimed to have taken the service down earlier this month.

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cruzngta1468d ago

I find it amazing that it is not possible for them to track these guys. I know a good hacker can hide and use IP addresses that can send someone in a circle jerk but this is not only annoying but very bad because it can potentially compromise everyone's private data they may have on file and you don't know just how far these assholes may go with all of this.

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Mega241468d ago

They aren't hackers... and its annoying. I can't believe people support this pricks. Bastards are ruining gaming for everyone.

BX811468d ago

I personally hope they die. Thats just me. If ur sole purpose is to disrupt other people then just die.

rainslacker1467d ago

It's hard to track the actual people that initiate the attack because the actual attack is made from software that gets installed on people's computers without their knowledge. Many times it acts like a worm and just gets transferred around until the attacker initiates the start up command. During a DDoS, they could have hundreds of thousands of IP's hitting the servers, although the attacks are more often than not upstream at the DNS server or some node on the service providers network.

I'm sure the actual LS crew could be tracked down though. They haven't been exactly discreet. Authorities may even know who they are by now, if not some other hacker group, but there may not be enough actual evidence to prove that they are the real attackers and not just some tools that want to take credit for whatever may happen.

Good hackers can hide their tracks pretty well, but from what I've seen LS isn't made up of good hackers.

TheSaint1467d ago

It's a good job Xbox Live never goes down......

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q8kik1468d ago

These annoying little bugs need to be squashed

Ron_Danger1468d ago

Microsoft is hardly a little bug...


q8kik1468d ago

No lol, i meant the lizard squad :)

Magicite1468d ago

any bug can be squashed..

snookiegamer1468d ago

Let's put aside the petty Fanboy Console Squabbles and look at what's is totally happening to 'US' as Gamers!

Lizard Squad don't care a rats ass about Gamers! Unite, stand together! This is outrageous whether it is PSN, Live or any other gamer dependent service!

It's time to grow up now! ;/

Letthewookiewin1468d ago

No one should ever go without their games hope this gets taken care of.

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MCTJim1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

oh no its Lizard /s

XBox live never went down. DDOS is not hacking and Im sure they will eventually be caught and the one that gets caught will chirp like a canary to save his ass from being thrown in jail and rat on all the little bastards that he was working with. Just a matter of time.

Dlacy13g1468d ago

Yeah certain features were interrupted like the friends list and it seemed more area specific at times but I was online and playing throughout.

salmon_slapped1468d ago

Ya only thing effected for me was the marketplace. Went to go look at the metro redux deals and it wouldn't load.

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medman1468d ago

In MCTJim I see we've found the usual stray ostrich with his head stuck in the sand. Wake up guy, and open your eyes to reality.

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