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"As the year draws to an end, there's a sense that the gap between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is narrowing in terms of technical specifics in high-profile software. With The Crew, once again we see both console releases handing in a full 1080p presentation, and in common with a smattering of titles seen recently, the Microsoft hardware hands in some slender performance wins over its Sony counterpart. Of course, we've already gone over the basics of The Crew in the performance analysis posted earlier this week, but there's still plenty to cover, not least of which the quality of the PC version of the game."

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ShottyGibs1440d ago

Wow.. look at the stutterfest that is 30fps in a driving game.

badz1491440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

I had no hope whatsoever towards this game since playing the beta. and to think that I was even interested in it since the reveal really makes me feel angry.

somebody has described it as the driving part of Watch Dog taken out to be another game, which is pretty accurate IMO. car handling is atrocious and THAT graphics for a supposedly next-gen and pc only game? what a joke!

radler1440d ago

Agreed, every racing game worth a damn runs at 60fps.

Volkama1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Horizon 2 is great fun despite 30fps. And DriveClub's problems are not the result of 30fps.

Not saying 30fps is any kind of good thing, but driving games can work well at 30.

Of course those games are made by talented devs, who went to great pains to preserve a decent input response.

ShottyGibs1440d ago

Volkama - nothing can change the input response time if it's running at 30fps.. unless of course they improve the frame rate. You do know what response time is don't you?

Volkama1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Shottygibs, go read eurogamer's interview with playground games. They specifically reference controller inputs being delivered late in the rendering process to aid responsiveness.

So are they lying? They may still have to adhere to the 33ms delay, but maybe there are ways make it feel more responsive to the player. DriveClub and Horizon both feel good anyways.

thanhgee1440d ago

I had a tiny bit of hope for Ubisoft after Far Cry 4, but now it's gone. Game blows on all three versions.

Gamer19821440d ago

The games garbage period.. Xbox has less details but less tearing (which makes sense as has less to calculate) and thats pretty much the differnce in graphical fidelity.. However the games just plain crap..

Mr Lahey1440d ago

Shitstorm incoming in 3, 2, 1..

Joydivision391440d ago

LOL!!!!!!!!! hahahahhahahahah
That is too funny. I saw your username and what you said haha epic bro.

SteamPowered1440d ago

A shit leopard doesn't change it's spots. #ubisoft.

MasterCornholio1440d ago

The game looks eewwww to me.


Volkama1440d ago

Kinda glad I don't want the game. Not sure I could choose between more jaggies or more screen tearing. They're 2 of my favourite special effects.

MasterCornholio1440d ago

Its pretty poor on both systems.

Its a shame though because it seemed like a good idea.

badz1491439d ago

the idea behind it is brilliant but the execution is uninspiring and oh, they need to learn on car handling too. just plain suck!

cruzngta1440d ago

Once again Ubisoft has managed to deliver another next gen turd. PS4 has crisper visuals like usual and XB1 has a slight performance edge so pick your poison if you your gonna waste your money on this. Looks NOTHING like all the preview shots we had seen which made me think this could be an awesome looking/fun to play game at one point. So many devs hyping their games and showing us screens that look nothing like the final product...gamers beware they dont deserve our hard earned money for crap like this.

imt5581440d ago

WTF you talking about? Did you watch the video? What slight performance advantage for Xbone? There is one minor 1 fps dip for half a second on PS4 ( ), there is one minor 1 fps dip for half a second in one scene on Xbone ( ), but Xbone has the lowest dip than PS4 ( dip to 27 fps, PS4 is 28 ) HERE :

Anyway, game is rock solid 30fps 99,99% of time! Dumb***!

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