Sony: "Huge Uncharted 4: A Thief's End PS4 Reveal At PSX", New Teaser Poster Shows Dense Forest

Scott Rohde, Head of Software Product Development for Sony Computer Entertainment America, did make an appearance at The Game Awards 2014 and shared probably the biggest news for PlayStation Community. During his short stay at the The Game Awards 2014 stage, Scott went on to confirmed that at PlayStation Experience event, there is a "HUGE REVEAL" incoming for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End from Naughty Dog.

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LightDiego1261d ago

Oh man, now i will not sleep! :3

Darkfist1261d ago

hey let him hold whatever he wants

_-EDMIX-_1261d ago

The slowness is real with this one. Post on gaming site about games....questions others age about posting on gaming site about games.

can't spell. I seriously can't stop laughing!

Harold_Finch1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

No, i'll ask the same thing, hold old is this user?

Sounds like the usual age of 14, just grow the hell up please.
The reactions are embarrassing.

Someone loses sleep because of game news and another person questions his age (as he rightly should of) and tucky is in the 'wrong' because he accidentally put "hold" instead of "old?"

FriedGoat1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Hey Harold, It's not wrong for someone to be excited about a game that they enjoy.

Asking his age was not the right thing to do, it was downright rude infact. Nothing Lightdiego said was offensive (even if he is a one bubble).

Why don't you go back to your little troll cave where you have no friends. You can go criticize peoples tastes in there, alone, where you cry yourself to sleep at night.

Yokan1261d ago

Haha you try to act funny and tough you get wrecked by 20+ n4g users. Take that...

larrysdirtydrawss1261d ago

he's probably holding your moms tit in his mouth

morganfell1260d ago


Plenty of us grew up, we didn't grow old. If you need the wonder of a childlike fascination for games explained then maybe you have the wrong hobby.


Wizard_King1260d ago

Sony fans have a new messiah to say that they have never seen better graphics, game play etc. than anywhere else ever.


Only 1 million more uncharted articles to come, let the hype train run you all over I say.

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methegreatone1261d ago

You know, I'm a PC gamer... I don't own a console. However, I have played Uncharted 2
Watching a bit of The Last Of Us playthrough on youtube blew me away

A reveal or gameplay trailer of anything from NaughtyDog is one of the most exciting things for me, almost right up there with my excitement for The Witcher 3 and Star Citizen.

Thats pretty damn good for a game I won't even get to play, don't you think ? :D
Just shows how good Naughty Dog is. The quality they bring to the table is mindblowing.

G20WLY1261d ago

Come play with us! PS4 is cheap to buy and you can catch up on ND games old and new. We won't tell your PC friends, you get to play instead of watch and I get to be not sad at the thought of someone torturing themselves in the festive season. :^)

medman1261d ago

Man, you've missed out on some great exclusives over the years. Naughty Dog alone is reason enough to own a playstation console, and they've been doing it for decades, with each successive game seeming to top the last, for the most part. And that's not even mentioning their other stellar first party studios. Incredible.

aawells071261d ago

Dude you absolutely NEED to play the Uncharted games and The Last of Us. Those are games that EVERY gamer needs to play.

beerzombie1261d ago

Hey I own an Xbox One and can not wait to see it. that's the game that will get me to purchase a Ps4 that and Vr.

JMaine5181261d ago

If it's gameplay i'll be so happy!

Septic1261d ago

Sounds like it will definitely be gameplay. This is coming straight from Sonys mouth. Can't wait.

G20WLY1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Wait, I think I can play this it:

"My hype just died - PS4 is so weak and ND are so rubbish they can't even manage proper tree AI.

Hence why we end up with a 'dense' forest."

LULZ! ;^P Sorry, already got coat, leaving now >_>

Omran1261d ago

Many Greatness, if this the only thing
they will show I will be happy

MrSec841261d ago

We will be shown many great things, I doubt this will be the only thing Sony shows, Ratchet & Clank is a very likely prospect, the new section of gameplay for The Order looks much more exciting, that's looking to be the Uncharted of that genre.

Sony has tonnes of games to announce, mark my words.
While Uncharted gameplay will be very exciting, it won't be the biggest thing at this event!

Omran1261d ago

I agree with you, but just in case that they only will show this I will be happy as you can see my profile picture :)

greatness awaits