GameSpy: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Review

GameSpy writes: "I experienced some serious deja vu this weekend as I played through the new Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. Like last year's Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the '80s, it's both shorter and easier than the game it was based on, but still full price. And so, like Rocks the 80s, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith isn't bad, but leaves you somewhat empty, feeling like it's about ten songs short of giving you your money's worth.

Perhaps realizing there are only a finite number of decades to build expansions around, the Guitar Hero camp (Activision, Red Octane and developer Neversoft) this time decided to focus on a single artist, in this case, Aerosmith. Granted, the Boston rockers probably weren't at the top of the wish list for many Guitar Hero fans, but they're a solid choice, with 30+ years of material to mine."

-Some great song choices, including "Walk This Way," "Sweet Emotion," and "Always on the Run."

-Far too few songs for a full-price game
-No real difficulty curve to speak of

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