Who Got Snubbed at Game Awards 2014?

An analysis of who didn't get the credit they deserved at this years Game Awards 2014 and why.

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heychrisfox1446d ago

The indie category was so hard to choose from. I'm so glad Shovel Knight won. But wow, they were all so good.

badboyz091446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Sierra Games CEO got snubbed on stage when she gave the guy the hat to wear and he took it off.

RiPPn1446d ago

I think he was giving it to the girl on the new team and not doing it to be a dick though the crowd initially took it that way.

bobsmith1446d ago

uncharted 4 for not winning most anticipated and bayonetta 2 not witting goty I guess since witcher 3 n dragon age r multiplat

LAWSON721446d ago

Or they you know liked it better, I know /gasp impossible.

noctis_lumia1446d ago

dragon age deserve to be goty
and beside its a game that last 200 hours if u do all and replayability

unlike a hack n slash game,,6hours of gameplay done bb

DragoonsScaleLegends1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

My opinion:

1. Troy Baker should have won Best Performance.
2. Transistor should have won Best Soundtrack.
3. The Last of Us Remastered should have won Best Remaster.
4. Totalbiscuit should not have won Trending Gamer.
5. Shovel Knight should not have won Best Indie
6. Dragon Age is definitely not the Best Game Of The Year either.

Also I didn't like most of the changes the author of this article would like.

heychrisfox1446d ago

The article agrees with you! He's the first thing the author pointed out.

lemoncake1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

I am happy gtav won best remaster, the extra details they have added really are insane. Divinity should have taken away the rpg award, it's really great, seems the pc exclusivity had a big impact on the votes. Nintendo have really been going good but I have to agree with the article, telltale have been on fire and brought a dead genre back from the grave in a big big way so should have won.

For GOTY I would have liked shadow of mordor, but heatherstone should have easily won as that game is at a totally different level. Dragon age is a great game, seems like maybe it got a big push from being recently released and that freshness pushed it more than it should, along with some money exchanges.

Child of light also needed to be in there somewhere, great game the fact it didn't even get a nomination makes it the biggest snubbed game.

vikingland11446d ago

Child of light got nominated for best musical soundtrack. It lost to Destiny which I thought was wrong.

heychrisfox1446d ago

Yeah, that was an egregious error. Felt very much like a cash-in to Destiny for being "totes epic bros." I haven't heard one song from Destiny outside of the game. But Coeur de Pirate is SO talented, and the instrumental piano in Child of Light is some of the best music I've heard in any video game.

lemoncake1446d ago

I must have totally missed that one, glad they got nominated for something then even if they didn't win.

theshredded1446d ago

Definitely Bayonetta 2 it shows thievery,bribery and cowardness that it hasn't won

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