PlayStation Experience Flash Sale Is Now Live, The Last of Us Remastered Discounted And More

GearNuke: "PlayStation Experience flash sale is now live on the PlayStation Store."

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KrisButtar1468d ago

Lame sales IMO. These are digital games and should be a lot cheaper. Digital games should only be priced half of what it goes for at retail. Then have the sales on those prices.

Gority1468d ago

Have you seen the breakdown for sales of a game? Retailer, shipping, and cost of the physical copy? It certainly isn't half.

radler1468d ago

KrisButtar has a point, though. We all know the profit margins on digital games are gigantic compared to physical copies, and not only are digital games sold for the same price, they're often even more expensive than buying at retail. It's insane.

rocketpanda1468d ago

His point is valid. Just took a look at shadow of Mordor Premium edition, £74 on the ps4. £22 on the PC which not even a sale price for the same premium version. That is an insane markup.

radler1467d ago

Yup, I remember when Diablo 3 launched and it was £59.99 to buy from the PSN store. Every retailer had it priced at £49.99 for the physical version. Same goes for Destiny and a bunch of other games too.

Gority1467d ago

I don't know where you see the pc premium edition of mordor for 22 pounds. It's $75 in the US. I am not sure how it is in the UK but digital copies on the PSN store cost the same as physical or a lot of time it's 10% at launch. I've only seen it cost more once on psn at release and Sony went back and comped people in the us.

I'm not saying digital shouldn't be less. Between shipping, packaging, and retail, if I remember correctly I think it's like 25% of the $60. Don't quote me on the numbers though so $45 would be good. This guy is saying digital should be $30 while physical is $60 and then it should go on sale based on that $30 price point which is asking a lot.

freshslicepizza1467d ago

why is the ps3 version without dlc of the last of us cost more? whoever runs the store prices should be fired.

consumers should be more vocal about digital pricing on consoles. they expect us to be locked in with the content without the ability to sell, trade and lend while charging the same if not more than the physical copy. makes no sense at all. dont give me that crap about pleasing retailers. they are the same folks that are able to sell used hardware and games while the publishers and hardware makers dont see a dime. so tell me again how this all makes sense?

indyman77771466d ago

Good post Krisbuttar people here actually believe the breakdowns which are NOT legally binding.

They don't realize that there is a reason people can put a $59 dollar game on sale for a couple of weeks at $39 and still make a profit on it.

When you take the distributor and the retailer, and the two shipping cost, and the physical media off of the cost it is at least HALF. Unless you drink the price fixing coolaid.

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nunley331468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Sony.Microsoft,Nintendo all do retail price parity so that digital game is the same as it's retail version as to not undercut and upset retail much. You see faster, better discounts for discs. What you say has merit but not in reality with publishers. The extra they make in digital covers the loss felt from used sales they'll say so it comes out even for them. Prices should drop faster than they do on digital to match retail.

airsick71468d ago

Yup the cold war between digital and retail. It reminds me of the war between streaming and cable.

indyman77771466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

double post

Travis37081468d ago

It would have been awesome if the price for GTA5 was $49.99 instead of $59.99

indyman77771466d ago

That's actually 20% off. But I get you point. Like the first man said it should be 50% off!

averagejoe261468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Other sites are selling tlofu remastered digital for $18.

Volkama1467d ago

G2a has it on the PayPal sale for £14

Lawboy21467d ago

Thank you been looking for it digital everywhere

jegheist20141468d ago

i got excited for darn nothing

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