The Game of the Year at The Game Awards is Dragon Age: Inquisition

During the Game Awards being held in Vegas the show's Game of the Year for 2014 has been announced.

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user74029311108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

should have gave it to dark souls 2.

joab7771108d ago

Dark Souls 2 was good, especially if u love Soul's games and I do. But Bioware stepped up big this yr.

Good call. It's my GotY too.

sobotz1108d ago

Agreed, Dark Souls 2 isn't so different than Souls 1. But Dragon Age is a tremendous leap than its predecessor.

mikeslemonade1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

Justice is well served!

For me it was more about which game did not deserve to be named GoTY. Clearly the other four do not deserve GoTY and so the lesser of the poison is Dragon Age.

-Bayonetta is overrated with the "Nintendo glasses" people use to grade Nintendo exclusives.

-Haven't played Shadows but just because it's Lord of the Rings, I won't like it very much. I will play it in the future though.

-Dark Souls 2, nope that game is too clunky and primitive. I'm excited to play Bloodborne though.

-HearthStone, nope. Really..? What a stupid nominee..

I hope Dragon Age becomes the undisputed GoTY winner by winning the most GoTY awards. Because I don't think the other games deserve to own that title. Dragon Age in any other year wouldn't win it either, but it's the closest thing we have to a true GoTY.

@ bottom

So the most grammatically correct statement in this news post causes you to lose brain cells? I guess you're thinking too hard.

theshonen88991108d ago

@mikeslemonade I lost brain cells reading your comment. Give them back.

SonyAddict1108d ago

No EA game deserves goty!.

ABizzel11108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

IMO GOTY was last-gen remakes. The remakes and remasters were the best games of this year once again TLoUs, GTA5, Tomb Raider: DE, etc.. were the best games this year for a second time.

Nothing this year really stood out to me a above and beyond everything else to come out, but on a side note this was by far the best VGA's ever, good job Geoff.

Now hire someone to professionally host it next year (no offense, but you're better off doing interviews only), tell these developers to bring a PR speaker with them if possible (many get awkward on stage as if they've seen a ghost / or simply have poor english), and reduce the number of music performances and skits (knock it down to be a shorter and more condensed show). Other than that all around good job Geoff.

theshonen88991108d ago

@mikeslemonade I don't care about grammatical accuracy. The way you dismiss incredible games for utterly inane reasons reminds me of a five year old who won't eat his veggies.

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annoyedgamer1108d ago

EA paid big money for that win. Just look at the amount of Promotion they got.

RiPPn1108d ago

Seemed to me all the GOTY noms got extended promotion throughout the show. Plus it's a great game that is worthy of winning so I don't see the problem.

styferion1108d ago

no, DA:I deserves the award.
Such a masterpiece RPG experience, the effects of previous DA playthrough can be felt so much down to your choice regarding some small forgotten NPC, the sidequests are rich in stories they felt like main quests, deep backgrounds and lorse, carefully designed dragons that each of them act differents, etc etc. It felt like an apologize from Bioware for DA 2 and ME 3's ending.
This is come from me, who have played all of the nominees, pour over hundreds of playtime on most of them. Give DA:I a try for those who haven't play it, a masterpiece.

N4GDgAPc1108d ago

Alien Isolation is my game of the year. I don't know why it didn't at least make the list.

Magicite1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

bioware knows how to make good games.
they are canadian gaming gods.

shammgod1107d ago

DS 2 was a step back in the series. Still a good game, but just didn't live up to demons and dark 1

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Relientk771108d ago

I knew Dragon Age would win, when the nominees were announced

ScorpiusX1108d ago

Lame choice , Mordor should have won.

styferion1108d ago

you must've never play it..

Feralkitsune1108d ago

What was wrong with Mordor? I love the hell out of that game.

styferion1108d ago

I mean never play DA:I.
I too love Mordor, already play it to near 100% complete, but DA:I is nowhere near "lame" choice, that is if you have played it.

Back-to-Back1108d ago

In all fairness both Mordor and DA I are GOTY.

TekKing1108d ago

Liberals giving a game made by liberals GOTY. Not surprising considering the game focused more on pandering to minorities over having a good story with believable characters.

spicelicka1108d ago

wtf are you talking about, I highly doubt there was any political merit to awarding this game GOTY. It could just maybe be an amazing game you know.

annoyedgamer1108d ago

It was $$$. If you look at the performances EA had a good amount and got first announcement as the nominee.

ArchangelMike1107d ago

Minorities???? WTH are you talking about?!?!?

You do know that Elves, Dwarves and Qunari DON'T ACTUALLY EXIST!!!

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