Dungeon Defenders II Officially Announced as a 2015 PS4 Exclusive

Just as we thought, Dungeon Defenders II is a PS4 exclusive in 2015. During The Game Awards, Trendy Entertainment announced that they had partnered with Sony to make this exclusivity possible.

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Sonital1466d ago

It's funny that everyone was saying SF:V was the megaton but I couldn't care less about that. THIS THOUGH, disappointing. Oh well.

reko1466d ago

Wow Theyre killin it with games and exclusives!

But but but ps4 has no games? Haa 😂

Geekman1466d ago

Wekl if course NOW it does. You cant exactly chastise someone for saying something they said months before this event.

FlameHawk1466d ago

Lol nope, PS4 always had more games announced than the XBO since they were both revealed.

nicksetzer11466d ago

Yea, except obtaining a game from a dev who just abondons all of the early adopters and believers it garnered for money from Sony is not really a win. Not the kind of devs I look to as a win.

majiebeast1466d ago

Lol so you don't support 343?

nicksetzer11466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

What? 343i is owned and created by MS .... sony is buying a game that people already paid for (for pc) and making it a PS4 exclusive.

How exactly do those 2 match?

Which game did 343i charge for on one playform only to bring it to another. You are truly in your own world ... and how you have any agrees for making such an assanine and baseless comment is beyond me.

@majie how is that news to you? They even said they made a deal with sony ... what do you think that means? This was never owned by MS? It was a steam early access game in which those early adopters were abandoned for money from sony...

EDIT: I'm confused about the disagrees. Do you guys disagree with the facts I am stating or that I don't find devs who abondon their paid fanbase a win?

majiebeast1466d ago

Sony bought this that's news to me. Maybe the developers just want to be paid on time. Something Microsoft apparently cant do.

Mega241466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

So, I guess you must be pretty disappointed with Crystal Dynamics then.

Edit: Should have looked for more info, the game is coming for PC, Mac, Linux and PS4 in 2015.

here is your info :

It was console exclusivity, its apparently a new term of exclusives, and please, news sources always make assumptions and fanboy flame for click. Do you expect them to take time to analyze their sources. This is their twitter, cant get more close to the source then that.

nicksetzer11466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

@mega seriously, you and majie must be living in some alternate universe where comparisons about completely different things make sense ....

First, tr2 is no different than what happened with street fighter 5, so why use crystal dynamics in your comparison?

Second, noone has BOUGHT tomb raider 2 yet, people HAVE BOUGHT this game in beta form to support the dev. That dev is never giving them the full product they bought, as it is now a PS4 exclusive. Is that really that hard to understand?

EDIT: I suppose they just don't know what "ps4 exclusive" means then. It was assumed that it was not coming to pc, as stated by nearly every major news source.

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Xbox_Z_best1466d ago

Yep, sony is on fire. Sfv announcement brought so many tears. Loved it.

TheNew11466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )


Not as many tears as Tomb Raider tho. Today, I haven't seen that many videos talking about it and everyone seems more calm. When Tomb Raider was announced as a Xbox exclusive it was a complete internet meltdown:

Tomb Raider Exclusive was trending hot on twitter.
People sent death threats to the actors.
The day one petition had over 10,000 signatures, if I'm correct.
People were making tons of rant videos (like Angry Joe) and etc...

torchic1466d ago


because Tomb Raider is a PlayStation franchise. most of its fans are on that platform. the reaction to its Xbox exclusivity was inevitable.

you can't really compare that to SF5 where the the franchise is not particularly associated to any one platform. and in any case fans of fighting games are mostly on PS (and PC)

TheNew11466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

People took that "no games" thing too technical. A lot of people said that because they were referring to games that are actually interesting to them. If there's no games interesting to play to YOU then you're going to say the platform has "no games".

NatureOfLogic_1466d ago

No games means no games. There's no way to spin it. Xbox fans say it to troll. They hope that if they say it enough everyone will believe it. Actually some of the media did try to run with it before they were repeatedly proven wrong.

TheNew11466d ago


Aw, well, whatever. It's not that serious to me, I just play whatever I want and don't care about what the media portrays about the game console.

sonic9891466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

The tomb raider issue got even bigger because pc fans joined with us sony fans and you know they both account for the majority of tomb raider fans and yet they chose the least favorite.
But on sfv issue pc fans are getting it so no biggy plus xbox fans love shooters and that kind of stuff so it wasn't a lose for them.
Congrats to Nintendo they deserve the praise and the awards and btw where was microsofts best exclusives lol sunset overdrive metacritic is around 83 and yet they call it a goty worthy lol

memots1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Released on ps4 : 202
Released on Xbox one : 134

Doesn't matter what you might be interested in and what people qualify as game for them.

It has more games period. It really irks me the miss information about ps4 have no games that all Xbo fan are shouting in every thread.

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GameDev11466d ago

Is it that game that looks like fable?

I already thought it was a released game on PC

izumo_lee1466d ago

I thought Sony has no monies so they can't buy anything.

I don't know 20 years of good relationships with developers over the years has to amount to something at least. For these smaller developers the relationships, the ease of development, the large install base, the good vibe is something that they can't really turn away from.

Kalowest1466d ago

One more game I could care less about on PS4, I just want BloodBorne!

sonic9891466d ago

Do you want all the games to be made for you or what.
No need to comment if you aren't interested simple

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