Godzilla: The Game PS4/PS3 Trailer Premiers at The Game Awards

A short new Godzilla: The Game trailer debuted during The Game Awards.

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user74029311022d ago

another ps3 ps4 exclusive

Metallox1022d ago

I heard it was coming to Xbox and Wii U as well, but I'm not completely sure.

FlameHawk1022d ago

Umm, well you heard wrong. It was only announced for PS3 but they just announced it for the PS4 too.

chikane1022d ago

Its a third party game WII-U doesn't know that language

miyamoto1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

My PS3 investment is still paying off after five years! Wow!
And there are more exclusives to come from Japan.

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Abash1022d ago

Awesome that it's coming to PS4 too!

john21022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

God-f'ing-zilla. Shut the show down, nothing tops that one

Biohazard88601022d ago

I hope this is like the classic Godzilla destroy all monsters melee that game was the shit

DigitalRaptor1022d ago

Flippin' heck… happy to see this coming to PS4!

reko1022d ago

Yup another ps game.

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The story is too old to be commented.