Until Dawn - Brand New Gameplay

Brand New Gameplay of Until Dawn.

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Thatguy-3101390d ago

This games will have me on the edge of my seat while playing it just like heavy rain did when i first experienced it. Cant wait to try it tomorrow.

TomShoe1390d ago

It looks very good, in a Beyond Two Souls style. I'm not surprised we didn't see much, going to have to wait for PSX for that.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

This game looks way better than Heavy Rain or anything from that crappy developer

This game actually has a cool theme.

Those other games have horrible themes about lame science fiction and supernatural abilities. Crappy themes and crappy stories and ugly characters in their 40's, it was pretty much the lame art and ideas of David Cage.

This game has way better character design and teenage girls and it's a way different style artistically, only thing similar is the type of Gameplay but you can also compare it to Tales from the Borderlands.

So Give this game a chance and don't compare it to such crappy games like Heavy Rain and Beyond Two... whatever.

Conzul1390d ago

1) Those are not teenage girls. (or I'm in trouble)

2) "Crappy"?!?!? games like Heavy Rain? Troll GTFO.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1390d ago

Not teenage girls? Then what are they? Early 20's? My bad then.

OB1Biker1390d ago

Looks incredible the more I see the more I want it now

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Meltic1390d ago

damn i wish i was in vegas. I live in sweden. But i get too enjoy all trailers :). Wonder when uncharted is revealed ?

ABizzel11390d ago

OMG, I was screaming the whole time, don't hide under the bed, NEVER hide under the bed.

Then she hides under the bed.

Kill her.

izumo_lee1390d ago

You know horror movies, the people in them do the dumbest things that a normal person would never do in actuality.

The lets split up routine, the go into a dark room or alley, having sex in the open, every horror cliche imaginable will be in this game.

That is what makes horror movies, games awesome.

medman1390d ago

When you're scared out of your wits, thinking goes right out the window for most people. Only those trained to control their emotions and fear react rationally in irrational situations.

Meltic1390d ago

no i dont Think so. I Think she will kick him in the baals just like all films and after that you eather run or die lol

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1390d ago

That looked so awesome. Imagine playing that game with a lot of people around you and in intense situations everyone is screaming out different choices you should make. I'm hyped for this.

nix1390d ago

oh.. this game is going to drive me to the edge of the seat.

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