PS4 Exclusive Until Dawn To Release In Summer 2015

Supermassive Games' Until Dawn will release next summer for PlayStation 4, as just announced during the TGA event.

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Mikefizzled1319d ago

Actually quite disappointed with it. Will need to see more before considering it.

Imp0ssibl31319d ago

Why? Played it at Games com and liked it a lot. Of course you have to be into Heavy Rain/Beyond

Thatguy-3101319d ago

Yea i loved heavy rain so i know ill enjoy this. Cant wait to give it a try tomorrow

Lightning Mr Bubbles1319d ago

It's got my attention, it seems a lot better than Heavy Rain because the theme is a lot better and more my kind of thing.

CervantesPR11319d ago

*Looks at avatar* yup nothing new here carry on everybody

Mikefizzled1318d ago

Thanks for judging a book by its cover. I've had this avatar since I joined N4G five years ago.

OB1Biker1319d ago

Game looks amazing and even better than I thought

FITgamer1319d ago

Awesome. Looks like Sony will have us covered with exclusives for every season next year.

DigitalRaptor1319d ago

No kidding, huh?

The game looks cheesy as heck, but that kinda makes it better. We'll see how it turns out, but looks good to me so far.

GameDev11319d ago

"The game looks cheesy as heck"

Thats what its meant to be, it is meant to be like those horror cringey teen flicks

Am excited because of the numerous endings and decisions to make

Hoping for a Halloween release

Alexious1319d ago

There's still tomorrow.

kurruptor1318d ago

Don't you know only holiday season matters? That MS completely won the first year because it won the USA in November?


reko1319d ago

Dang lots of games for next year!

shaenoide1319d ago

WHat the fuck!? QTE? seriously? :/

ABeastNamedTariq1319d ago

Were you... Under a rock or something during it's initial announcement? Early gameplay already showed that plays similar to Heavy Rain.

SmielmaN1319d ago

And heavy rain was pretty awesome. This game looks pretty good.

jonboi241319d ago

Should have been released near Halloween makes more sense.

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The story is too old to be commented.