PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Shows Brand New and Beautiful Footage at The Game Awards

At The Game Awards currently being held in Las Vegas Sony Computer Entertainment showcased some brand new footage of The Order: 1886.

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-Foxtrot1443d ago

Looks fantastic :D

Much better choice of what to show, seems more open then what we saw last time

Cindy-rella1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

I cant wait to see proper game play of the order 1886 and uncharted 4 at Playstation experience. Ive never seen a game that looks this good as the order. The bit where someone was shooting at someone going up the stairs looks insanely real

TomShoe1443d ago

Looks incredible. Not surprised we didn't see much, we'll have to wait until tomorrow :D

OB1Biker1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Yea I do think many dont realize we actually see gameplay

Farmassy1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

It looks beautiful but what part of the game looks open? I may have missed something but I don't know if I saw what you are talking about... still looks gorgeous though

edit: I bet we will see plenty tomorrow. We will get a better idea of how this game is!

edit: @ foxtrot (below). Yeah I'm not saying your wrong... but those looked like scripted events. For example, there was an open room where the player is on the balcony... but then there is a scripted moment where someone is shot and all the bad guys are like, "Oh, lets leave this open room and go to this other place." All in all this video did the job... just gets you excited to see what will be shown tomorrow which I think is its intended function

-Foxtrot1443d ago

On top on an airship and inside a massive hotel (I'm guessing) is better then being stuck in a tiny alley way

bouzebbal1443d ago

look how huge that mansion is.. for all those trolls calling it a rail shooter.
looks stunning

jc121443d ago

I agree Farm, that was merely a "cut-scene" trailer - no gameplay.

LamerTamer1443d ago

A "more open" pre-rendered cutscene?

There was no gameplay there, that is as closed as you can get as the joystick has zero effect.

BLow1443d ago

If you actually played any video games in your life you would know that the cut scenes are in real time. No "pre-rendered" cut can pan from the character to in game action in real time. Just look at the older footage. With pre-rendered cutscences, there is always some kind of pause or change of quality. But from someone born in the 2000s, I can understand the confusion. I know I'm not talking out of my ass and "real gamers" can back me up on this. Nice try though.....

GameDev11443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

No pre rendered cutscene in The Order am sorry to disappoint you

Everything is real time and smooth transition, this has been confirmed


Did people actually think Sony would use gameplay here?? full hands on gameplay will be at PSX

PeaSFor1443d ago

LamerTamer is confused as fack

LordMaim1443d ago

Sorry Lamer, the whole trailer was rendered in-engine, in real time. There was nothing pre-rendered shown (other than the logo).

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badz1491443d ago

not long until the release now. I'm really excited. can't wait!

mochachino1443d ago

Doesn't need to be open, it just needs to be good.

Don't let the gaming media brainwash you into thinking that unless a game is open the gameplay will be lacking. Plenty of open games with boring mission structure and dissjointed stories that I wish were more linear and focused.
Remember gamingh journalists aren't gaming experts, theyre just average people writing about games. They have no more gaming expertise than the millions of other gamers and in most cases probably less. Difference is, it's their proffession to write and they need controversy or hype to garner clicks.

Gaming media is probably the least objective place for gaming opinions. Better off getting it from the average joe gamer if you want honesty. Media outlets are great for information, but give the personal opinions of staff as much credence as a tabloid.

OB1Biker1443d ago

Totally agree. Its a good thing that gaming journalists have freedom of speech but often they state their opinions as facts and are full of themselves instead of being open minded

StrawberryDiesel4201443d ago

Agreed, I love a focused narrative driven linear story like Gears of War, Uncharted 2 or God of War 3. I purchased Far Cry 4 and it felt so boring just wandering aimlessly from outpost to outpost. The gameplay becomes so tedious and boring. Games like GTA4/5 and Red Dead Redemption do a great job with open world gaming so it has to be done right in my opinion.

shadow_lawless1443d ago

Couldn't agree more. A great example is skyrim, loads to do, millions of side quests but in terms of captivating story line, direction, art style, complexity of game play, challenge?... highly lacking and yet it got 10/10 purely for being really big an open.

I actually prefer games that are closer to interactive films, with beautifully directed cut scenes, great scripts and great cinematography... as well as immersive and challenging well thought out gameplay sections rather than just loads of options and loads of randomly spawned enemies / weapons to pick up. Last of us, MGS (all of them but 4 my fav), uncharted, gears of war, god of war, mass effect 2 (although open was also very focussed) are all great examples of this.

zero_gamer1443d ago

Looks exactly like a movie.

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Omran1443d ago

Amazing just Amazing, scott rohde confirm that we will see uncharted 4 at playstation experience

PR_FROM_OHIO1443d ago

Wow this looks stunning!!!!!!

akurtz1443d ago

Definitely looks like a solid single player. I wonder how the whole order, rebels and hybrids mix together, everyone is fighting each other!

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