Before - Announcement Trailer

Announcement Trailer of Before.

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Eldyraen1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Agreed, this is one of the coolest ideas shown at TGA ATM. It has me curious in much the same way Wild (I think it was named that) from earlier this year.

I just want to see more and know where its going but it quickly got on my to watch list.

ABizzel11266d ago

Instantly though of Wild when I saw this. Hopefully both will be good.

camel_toad1266d ago

Yep and I love that art style. Gives me the mental boners.

Mr_cheese1266d ago

Now this looks cool! Love the style and the concept. Hoping it will be released for ps4 otherwise I may have to look into pc gaming

Hellsvacancy1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

It really did, made the VGAs worth staying up until 5am

Love the music

Needs a PS4 release so I can play it

darx1266d ago

Just go with a PC that's where you get the originality.

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shaenoide1266d ago

Yeah maybe they could finish Rust before to work on nearly the same game ><

DigitalRaptor1266d ago

Looks good, but I think this will be upstaged by Michel Ancel's WiLD.