PS1 Nostalgia Trip: What We Miss Most

The technology is vastly superior these days but that doesn't mean everything is better. Here's what some PlayStation lovers might regret losing.

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kalkano1390d ago

"And lastly, I miss some of the so-called archaic gameplay systems. Yes, I'm talking mostly about turn-based mechanics and yes, I will always maintain that they're a perfectly viable gameplay system for a dozen different reasons. Won't get into that here, though...what do you miss most?"

Turn-based, turn-based, turn-based. Gaming is not gaming without it.

Ballsack1389d ago

Putting in a disc and simply.....playing

No downloads,patches,internet required

Just insert and play

JustAnotherTruther1389d ago

Yep, the internet has ruined gaming as much as it has helped it. Patches= free pass for lazy developers. Back then if you're game was broken, it stayed broken and no one bought it. I love going back to my PS2 and just remembering how awesome that age of gaming was.

Ratty1389d ago

I agree about the patches though games took much longer to release because of it. They had to make sure it was at an acceptable level of bugs. Today, the acceptable level of bugs is >9000.

Big companies won't even patch half of it by the time they end support for a game.

Naga1389d ago

You know what I miss? Games which didn't require post-release patches. What an age of innocence that was.

JustAnotherTruther1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Good times..

IRetrouk1389d ago

Tech wise yes, game wise the ps1 deff had more of everything although i will say the 64 had some amazing games.

DragoonsScaleLegends1389d ago

PlayStation caring about their PS1 generation of games is what I miss. That's why they are not supported on PS4.

PS4isKing_821389d ago

What I miss most.

Gaming magazines like gamepro, electronic gaming monthly, official PlayStation magazines with demo disks each month.

The capcom that brought us megaman, onimusha, devil may cry, dinosaurs crisis, maximo, and more.

Wired controllers, yes wired cause I hate the battery life on these new wireless devices, with the wired, you could play as long as you wanted without having to get up every 3 or 4 hours to recharge them.

Crash bandicoot.
The wonderful boot up sounds of ps1 and ps2.

And much more.

DragoonsScaleLegends1389d ago

Yeah I miss the magazines that came with demo discs and the PS1/PS2 start up sounds. I also wish I could play PS1 and PS2 games on PS4. You should definitely buy a 10ft micro usb cable for PS4 controllers. It's so much better than using the crappy cord the PS4 comes with. Here is the one I bought and it works great:

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