Will Dungeon Defenders II be PS4 Exclusive? Devs May Announce Soon

Dungeon Defenders II, currently available on Steam Early Access, might only be coming to PS4 for 2015.

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user74029311444d ago

easily, they want to be able to run it properly

Ripsta7th1444d ago

They guy with the hideous profile pic is back -_-

Dark_Overlord1444d ago

After the level of support Trendy provided to the PS3 version, they can kiss my ass if they think I'll be supporting Dungeon Defenders 2 >:(

Drithe1444d ago

Day one buy for me when it comes to the ps4. I loved the first one. Although it got too complicated and was very unfun with the expansions imo.

ZeroX98761444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

had a blast playing this game on PS3, cant't wait to play it on PS4

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