Brother's Developer Announce Hazelight Project With EA

Tonight at The Game Awards, a new game from the Brothers developers and EA was announced.

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-Foxtrot1383d ago

Their publisher is EA....I say bloody good luck to them

Ripsta7th1383d ago

Another developer digging its own grave, sadly :/

-Foxtrot1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

A studio that was just born aswell

It's like giving birth in a grave.

majiebeast1383d ago

Closed down within a year.

Mikefizzled1383d ago

To be fair he left Starbreeze who had been partnered with EA for several years to form an internal EA studio. Don't see why people are writing it off instantly.

luis_spartano1383d ago

Two problems:

The word "HAZE" in the name, and EA as publisher.

Good luck to the devs. They will need it.

OUROSMAG1383d ago

Was this the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT? lmfao...

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