Amiibo Stock Atrophy: Critical Oversight By Nintendo?

DP:"The excitement was palpable. My copy of SSB still exuding the odour of fresh plastic, the cartridge sliding almost autonomously into its place with a satisfying click. In peals of unrepentant acclamation, the frame of thought most indigenous to all die-hard Nintendo fans, I ran, skipped and sauntered to my local Gamestop – the next logical step was of course, the Metroid fan that I am, to procure my very own Samus Amiibo."

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Neonridr1418d ago

I ordered the complete first wave from Amazon. They all arrived and are sitting nicely in a cardboard box together. Still undecided if I want to use them or just collect them all for display purposes.

I have all of Wave 2 on order as well...

JuleyJules1418d ago

I did the same even though at the time I wasn't sure I would get any. The other waves are pre-ordered too. This reminds me of when I got back in to gaming with the Wii and couldn't find one for months! It didn't hurt the Wii's sales and I doubt this will hurt Amiibo sales at least not in the long run.

addictedtochaos1418d ago

Villager and Marth are near impossible to find without paying a huge markup to resellers online.