Fullbright’s Next Game Revealed as Tacoma, A Space Exploration Game Coming in 2016

Gone Home developer Fulbright revealed their next game at The Game Awards 2014 with a new trailer, titled Tacoma, and coming in 2016.

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DigitalRaptor1471d ago

Looks like a space-age BioShock.

Interested to see more, and glad to see games like this being represented at the VGAs.

Roccetarius1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Considering this is the creator of Gone Home, i don't think you should expect much from this besides prettier graphics.

1471d ago
MNGamer-N1471d ago

It's like the movie Gravity. I think this looks cool, project Morpheus game? Would be awesome.

jb2271471d ago

It definitely had an oculus logo, you would think Morpheus would be a good possibility. This kind of thing would be perfect for VR.

poppinslops1471d ago

I think you've mistaken this game for adrift... Which had the Oculus logo.

This is from the 'Gone Home' crew, who are a group made up mostly of ex-Bioshock devs.
I'm guessing this clip is basically the start of the game where you investigate the aftermath of an 'incident' at what looks like Richard Branson's Space-Hotel/Evil lair... You're employed by 'the Corporation' and your collegue is guiding you through an earpiece.
I'd expect an ultra-detailed environment, chock-full of audio journals and computer logs to flesh out the story... You'll be switching on the artificial gravity and restoring air-pressure, likely with the 'assistance' of the station's AI...

It'll be great!

That said, I do wish they'd hurry up with the xbox version of 'Gone Home'...

MNGamer-N1471d ago

Oh yep your right, my mistake. This looks good too, and Bioshock Infinite was a great game.