PSX Extreme: Shaun White Snowboarding Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "What's going on in the world of snowboarding games? EA's SSX hasn't seen a proper game for years now (the Wii game doesn't count), and until now, no one else seemed to care enough about the sport to give us a virtual version of it. But it looks like Ubisoft has secured the Shaun White namesake (it previously belonged to Activision), and will be bringing us an all new snowboarding game starring the decorated snowboarder.

This time around, Shaun White Snowboarding is actually being developed in close collaboration with the pro snowboarder himself. Much like some of the Tony Hawk games, Shaun White will be your personal friend and mentor, he'll be there to teach you a thing or two and improve your skills, while he's at it. The folks at Ubisoft Montreal will be behind the development process...Hmmm, Canadians working on a snowboarding game? There seems to be potential here. Ubisoft's goal is to redefine the extreme sports genre, and we're curious just how they'll be doing that."

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