Metal Gear Online Stand-Alone Cover Art Revealed

During MGS4 signing event held in Tokyo recently, Konami has confirmed that Metal Gear Online component of MGS4 will soon be available separately in Japan for 1800 Yen (about $17 USD). No word on pricing and dates for the standalone version of Metal Gear Online in other territories.

And, on the same day, Yoshikazu Matsuhana, producer of Metal Gear Online, revealed the stand-alone package box with cover-art.

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pharmd3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

this will be interesting, im all for newness but i want to see what all it adds to the gameplay itself if anything...

something has to lure me into MGO, cuz at this point im not sold on it

edit: (about $17 USD), damn, thats a steal... they can make that a psn download and im all over it, everyone hyped this saying $60 but for that cheap im on it like bloodmask on breakfast!!!!

Storm233818d ago

But with how big the game was in GBs I am guessing the whole online component would be too big for a download.

Closing3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

MGS4 was easily the best game of this gen yet, and very possibly the best game of all time, but I won't be paying for MGO. Didn't feel it was an online game although I could never find a room playing the sneaking mission. In fact I'm going to go try, and find a room so maybe It will be worth it. Any news on what's being added?

Dark General3818d ago

Just makes me long for MGS4 to have had it's covers in the same style as MGS3 and MGS2. I don't like old snake staring me down on the cover saying "Do you have a extra cigarette?".

TheUsedVersion3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Edit: Here I found you some custom covers for MGS4.

I'm sure it won't be long before the custom box art inserts for MGS4 will appear on the usual sites. Then you could just find one you like and print it out on some nice high-quality, thick stock, glossy paper.

Just go to the gaming section and find your game here....

Close_Second3818d ago

...why they are selling it as a stand alone purhcase. Is that admitting that MGS4 is worth a rental only or what?!?

Anyway, I loved MGS4 but MGO felt incomplete and for me it lacked a real important

spandexxking3818d ago

MGO lacked fun?! hope your joking

Close_Second3818d ago

...I didn't find MGO fun, there is no crime in that.

TheUsedVersion3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

If you weren't having fun in MGO then you weren't playing it right.

Also, I don't know what your getting at with the whole rental thing but essentially what was bundled with MGS4 is the demo of Metal Gear Online. The full version will have more features and will be its own game in its own right. Its supposed to be a separate product but everyone complained so they bundled it with MGS4. Thats why its not fully integrated and why you have to go to a whole new title screen to play MGO and vice-versa.

SL1M DADDY3818d ago

There are many folks out there that can now rent MGS4 and buy the online part for much cheaper. 17 bucks for an online game like MGO is a steal! Makes me wonder why Epic would have to charge 60 bucks for a game like UTIII when Konami can charge 17 bucks for a game that is better in many ways. Sure it was bundled with MGS4 but come on, this is cheap for a stand alone Online Game.

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