Ask Riley - Which Game Character Would Make a Great Teacher?

Gaming based teacher and motivational speaker, Jon Harrison of wants to know which game character Riley thinks would make a great teacher

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wannabe gamer1471d ago

who the F is Riley and why should we car? thats a question for you

rizzardcore1471d ago

That's the girl in the's a series...I like it...what's your problem?

retroinactive1471d ago

Not sure anyone can answer why we should car.

She's my autistic daughter that I've been helping to develop social skills and critical thinking with video games and youtube videos with the gaming/youtube community to help her engage and be more present minded.

You don't have to car, but that certainly doesn't means that you have to be a dic.

Thanks or your question. I'll let you know when the video is posted.

Have a nice weekend, man! =)

aggrosky1470d ago

I think we have a genuine CoD player here...