Battlefield Hardline Beta EA's Special The Game Awards Announcement?

It looks like the second Battlefield Hardline Beta will be the big EA announcement at this evening's The Game Awards.

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ValKilmer1267d ago

EA really knows how to build excitement for nothing.

pompombrum1267d ago

Was going to say, I had very little interest in the first beta and with so many great games already out and coming out in the next few months, a second beta isn't going to be met with any more enthusiasm.

KwietStorm1267d ago

Yep. So does the VGAs/VGX/Game Awards/Keighley&Friends/Wh atever

venom061267d ago

pretty stupid a$# statement there, son... their build up of excitement aint no different from Activision.. Hardine (Hotwire mode) actually looks pretty dang fun.. can't wait to find out more about the Beta.. EA is horrible.

radler1267d ago

A Battlefield Hardline Beta sounds about right. The announcements at these things are always disappointing and that's about the most disappointing thing I can imagine so it must be true.

iluvmaPS31267d ago

If true, this sucks lol

Summons751267d ago

Star Wars Battlefront trailer...calling it.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1267d ago

Hopefully that they're not on stage long

-Foxtrot1267d ago

They will be

The brand new stuff announced will be short and sweet and the stuff we already know about, including silly things like this will be dragged out.

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The story is too old to be commented.