Making a Multi-Platform Game Exclusive is Wrong

JoshOnTech: It was recently announced that the next game in the Street Fighter series, Street Fighter V, will be console exclusive to PlayStation 4, with a release on PC coming later. Does this sound familiar? Just four months ago at Gamescom, Microsoft announced that the sequel to 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot, titled Rise of the Tomb Raider, would be exclusive to the Xbox One. Though this was later said to be false, as it was just a timed exclusive, it still sparked an anger in millions of gamers over the fact that if they wanted to play this game, which has been multi-platform for a majority of its life, they would now have to buy an entirely new system if they didn’t want to wait a year to play the game after everyone else. And that anger was justified, and so is the anger over Sony making Street Fighter V an exclusive.

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Ballsack1443d ago

Where was this article when ms did it with CAPCOMS dead rising 3,or tomb raider or titanfall?....gtfoh

I believe 3rd party exclusivity is wrong but these american bias journalists are just too much

nicksetzer11443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

DR3 was published by MS and wouldn't have existed otherwise.

And are you insane? There were at least 7 thousand articles about TR2 and it is only timed...

I personally don't care as I have both PS4 and XB1, but the reactions of sony obtaining 3rd party exclusives are quite hilarious in comparison to when MS does it. Never have I seen a group hypocritically change their own positions so often, it's seriously sad. You can't go from claiming MS is evil and saying you don't support this practice no matter which company, to then saying, well MS started it. (when in reality it started YEARS ago and Sony has done it since the PS1 days)

yewles11443d ago

Did you just insinuate that...

1. Sony didn't provide funding assistance to development when Capcom admitted themselves previously they couldn't afford to make SFV in interviews?

2. SFV is not timed exclusive whatsoever and will never appear on XBOX, even though it's already coming to PC?

ROFL!!! The next few days are going to be beautiful. tick tock... tick tock...

Cupid_Viper_31443d ago

Lol, I don't even really play Street Fighter like that, but I must admit that the news that it is Exclusive to the PS4 is....soooooooooo sweet! for soooooooo many reasons, and the "hypocrisy" name calling makes it so much sweeter than it has to be.

But fear not XBOX fans, the American reviewers are going to tear this game to shreds, just to make sure that you guys don't feel like you're missing out or anything. Remember how Titanfall was getting perfect scores left and right for running 6 vs 6 with a bunch of bots, and no single player campaigns?

Don't worry, this will be the complete opposite. If this game barely flinches, or drops a single frame, or God forbids it has Network problems at launch....It will be the lowest reviewed SF games of all time.

So don't feel too bad guys, your redemption is just around the corner.

Wizard_King1443d ago

MS lowered the business tactics bar over 3 successive consoles here people. This is business not love and I see nothing at all wrong with it what so ever. If you bought a Xbox one only and are that desperate to play SFV then go and buy a PS4 or get it on PC that's how it is. This self entitled mindset of the modern gamer is disgusting. I bought (x) console so I expect that every game ever is coming to it full stop and to not do so is evil.

If Sony sit and do nothing MS will keep buying all the games they can and Sony loose. It's not Sony's fault that MS is basically stealing from their install base and made these type of tactics the norm.

It's not Sony's fault that MS intorduced;
-paying to play online
-paid DLC
-paying of devs for exclusivity

They simply have to match the pace or fall behind and in the business world that's death.

MS is and always has been the cancer here people, stop supporting them.

ps. pro tip to you fanboys I don't own either console as they suck and have very little good games. So don't start calling me a Sony pony or anything, I just see this shit for what it is. MS is cancer.

nicksetzer11443d ago

Wizard you are wrong on almost every poibt you tried to make

First paid dlc - was MS but literally was followed within weeks, hardly as if MS was the cause of the trend.

First paid online - SEGA by almost 13 years:

First to pay devs for exclusivity - literally atari started that 20 or more years ago. Not to mention sony has done this MANY times in the ps1 and ps2 era. Your blind assumptions that devs just picked them out of the kindness of your hearts is misled.

Anyway my comment wasn't in issue with the fact Sony got the exclusivity for this game. (As it doesn't effect me as I own their console) I just think it is hilarious the level of hypocrisy the sony loyal always share.

Just a few months ago you guys were saying that the practice of buying 3rd party games is despicable. Now it is ok, as long as you aren't MS? .... let's be real you guys are just hypocrites who whine about anything you can't have.

mikeslemonade1443d ago

Nope you're wrong. SF was an exclusive to begin with anyway. Everything should be exclusive. Exclusives make for better games. Multiplat is the reason why we get yearly rehashes and yearly minute upgrades.

jrshankill1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )


So, you don't care for Street Fighter but you think this is "so sweet"? Fu**ing fanboy. GTFO.

What this is is total hypocrisy. You were all crying and starting online petitions when you got a sniff of Tomb Raider being a Xbox One exclusive, to the point you all forced Crystal Dynamics and Microsoft to admit it was a timed exclusive. Are you going to do the same to Capcom and Sony? Do you think Microsoft's fanbase are going to do the same? Certainly not. With the amount of Rehashes SFV will receive you would have to be seriously dumb to think this will stay a PS4 exclusive.

Oh, and I thought "Crapcom" was a piece of s**t for having DLC on disc and running Resident Evil into the ground.

Oh, didn't you all also say that Dead Rising 3 and Titanfall were no longer Xbox One exclusives as they had PC releases??? Kind of like Street Fighter V???

Hypocritical fanboys.

You have no idea what you are talking about. The only Street Fighter game which Sony had as an exclusive was the dire EX series.. and that wasn't even developed by Capcom.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

This is just an answer to the Tomb Raider thing.

If your a Playstation fan be happy, if you're an XBOX fan just be quiet, you know exactly what's up.

Not sure why everyone is making such a big deal over this.

miyamoto1443d ago

What game is the article about?

Surely SFV is a multiplatform game for PS4 and Windows PC-fact.

Cupid_Viper_31443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

@ Jrshankill

I am loving it buddy! And the irony here in you calling me a "fanboy and to GTFO" is a perfect example of the bully finally getting handled and unable to cope with it.

You guys crying "hypocrisy" makes it sweet, and I love how everything is coming back full circle and biting you guys back in the arse...

For example, during the PS3 XBox 360 era, Multiplatform games comparisons became a huge point of debate. It was you guys on the XBOX side that were harping on "blades of grass" and how a few more pixel made the XBox 360 versions of games "Superior". But this is your response to it: "Yay for literal extra blades of grass!!!"

But it was a trend started by supported by Microsoft and its fans, and it was fine and dandy until Sony started to outdo them in that department.

Another example of astonishing hypocrisy is the "sales don't matter" angle you guys are running around with now. Funny, it seemed to have mattered all of last gen until the PS3 was about to overtake the XBox 360. But here's is your take on the matter; I guess it is appropriate to celebrate sales only when Microsoft has the upper hand?

And while we're at it, do you know which company basically integrated monthly console sales into the gaming industry? I'll give you a hint, your boy Aaron Greenburg has escaped his leash again and is doing his best Assassin's Creed interpretation by getting on rooftops to shout sales numbers, after nearly a year's silence. And you boys supported him with no problems last Gen.

Hypocrisy is you guys harping on Driveclub, and then becoming so "understanding, and patient" when it comes to Halo MCC.

Hypocrisy, is you asking fans of Tomb Raider, a franchise that has been on the PlayStation platform since forever, where most of the fans are, to deal with the fact that MS payed for it to be XBox exclusive. But now seemingly being unable to handle this kind, and oh so yummy, spanking from Capcom.

Now to make this more sweet, I can't wait for how the news media are going to start proclaiming street fighter as the "Biggest Fighter of the Year" like they did for Titanfall, remember? How TitanFall was suddenly the "Biggest, most Innovative Shooter of all Time?"

Truth is, a lot of you guys are a bit bitter and it's natural. But not a lot of people are feeling any sympathy for you, because they know you guy's true colors.


bouzebbal1443d ago

How do you guys think people are still praising Dreamcast today? Isn't it for the massive 3rd party exclusives most of it?
Same goes for PS1, PS2, Wii..... trend just continues, Developers choose the most successful console to develop for. And it's not like COD going exclusive, it's Street Fighter a fighting game. Fighting fans are mostly on Jap consoles.

AngelicIceDiamond1443d ago

You know what? It is wrong we just but there's nothing we can do about it unless we vote with our wallets which won't happen in reality.

So its officially a war between third party exclusives. Despite both companies having fine staple of 1st party exclusive.

remixx1161443d ago


Exactly my dude, how are you guys gonna scream hypocrisy when this stuff was working for y'all and we were all told to just "buy an xbox1 if it hurts so badly" but now you guys all of a sudden think this is a bad practice.

All of the big three got third party exclusives this gen.

1. Microsoft got titanfall, dead rising 3, sunset overdrive and soon to be timed tomb raider.
2.Nintendo got bayonetta 2, as well as they made a deal with Sega for 3 exclusive sonic games, no body really batted an eye at that because......well sonic kinda sucks now (sonic lost world, sonic boom).
3.Sony has finally got its first 3rd party exclusive this gen "which they likely helped make, due to capcoms inability to fund it" and all of a sudden you guys just can't bare to take it.

So please just sit down and be quiet, I find the hypocrisy from everyone else to be drastic, and the journalists are the worst ones, they perpetuate the hatred of 3rd party exclusive fast as hell, but didn'tdo it when Microsoft and Nintendo had a hand in it.

Just buy a PS4 if it hurts so bad.

MasterCornholio1443d ago

"DR3 was published by MS and wouldn't have existed otherwise."

So why can't you accept that Sony did the same thing?

I read an interview with Ono where he said that he didn't have the manpower nor the funding to make another street fighter game.

In other words Sony saved the franchise by funding it.

darx1443d ago

Who care it's Street Fighter!

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JoshOnTech1443d ago

Hah! If you actually read the article you would see that the writer refers to the Tomb Raider incident. This writer has owned a PS4 much longer than he has owned an Xbox One, so implying that he's some kind of Microsoft fanboy just makes me laugh.

Ballsack1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Err what about referencing and being upset about tomb raider AT THE TIME IT HAPPENED

Not just now to try to validate your bias agenda now that the shoe is on the other foot!!!

Like i said bias american journalists make me laugh.

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gangsta_red1443d ago

Well according to Sony fan logic...Deadrising started out as a Xbox exclusive so just like TR it's ok if THAT game gets to be an exclusive for Xbox One.

Titanfall is a new IP and according to Sony fan logic, if it's a new IP then it's ok that it's an exclusive for a particular system.

"I believe 3rd party exclusivity is wrong but these american bias journalists are just too much "

SMH(VIOLENTLY)!!!..American journalists? Bias? Against who? For what reason and WHY!?

And here are some articles that were just as mad when TR was announced as a Xbox One exclusive.

American journalism are biased? Absolutely amazing..

DigitalRaptor1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Yet again… you're pretending that this is as black and white.

Blanket targeting Sony fans as if it's everyone, and implying that Xbox fans don't share the same logic when its turned on its head. Xbox fan logic, in almost every instance that mirrors this, goes about comparing apples to oranges. It happens all the time, but I never see you trying to expose those guys. I wonder why that is….

It's all about the "Sony fan logic".

"Deadrising started out as a Xbox exclusive so just like TR it's ok if THAT game gets to be an exclusive for Xbox One."

That literally makes no sense.

gangsta_red1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

@ Digital

Dude just stop, stop pretending that you also don't go around this site making blanket statements and lumping a whole Xbox fanbase into your tired fanboy arguments as well.

"The Xbox fanboys have such weak logic in almost every aspect of their arguments, that it's shocking that they think they're always so right."

I'm sure I could look through even more of your comments and reveal you doing the same thing you desperately try and attack me for.

"but I never see you trying to expose those guys. I wonder why that is…."

Oh, all of a sudden you are the crusader for fairness and justified conversation on N4G? I wonder why I never see you exposing the obvious lies and statements from most sony fans on this site...why is that?
Is it the same reason you chose to bypass Ballseye ludicrous statement of "American journalism is biased" and bee lined straight to me...

"Yet again… you're pretending that this is as black and white."

Please answer the question then, how is American journalists bias against Sony when they give just as much flack and more to Xbox One and what ever other system is the hottest to crap on, like the WiiU?

How do you tell me about pretending something is black and white when Ballseye just made a HUGE sweeping statement about all American Journalism is bias?

"That literally makes no sense."

According to Sony logic, TR should have been an exclusive to the Sony platform since it started on PlayStation. This can also be applied to Deadrising. You know exactly what i was talking about.

Xbox_Z_best1443d ago Show
DigitalRaptor1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Unlike you, who said "Sony fan logic", I use the term "Xbox fanboy" and in my experience on this site and every other gaming community I've been to, the Xbox "fanboys" continue to use the exact same broken logic.

And since when were people raging about DR3 other than Sony fanboys who have no perspective? That is what I was talking about. People were mad about Tomb Raider because all 10 games in the series since 1996 have been on PlayStation and PC, and those gamers are suddenly denied because Microsoft needed a game to compete with Uncharted. That is a legit annoyance.

Dead Rising has been all over the place, exclusively, or not. It's incomparable.

Re: Ballseye.
Do you mean the first guy who you replied to? Is is not possible that maybe I disagreed more with what you implied than what he said, which I didn't actually agree with?

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DevilOgreFish1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Ballsack - "Where was this article when ms did it with CAPCOMS dead rising 3,or tomb raider or titanfall?"

those were actually posted on N4G, search for yourself and see, especially tomb raider.

Ballsack1443d ago

Not from joshontech

Which is why im in his thread mentioning bias american media

NegativeCreep4271443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Exactly. Now that Sony has secured a third-party game it is now considered some kind of mortal Sin.

"You go to Hell. You go to Hell and You DIE!"

But like I said earlier today, if SFV would have gone to the Xbox One as an exclusive, there would have been no outcry from journalists and it would have just be more fuel for all the gaming journalists to create more Pro-Xbox hyperbolic articles with headlines like:

"Is Xbox One the preferred console for Third-Party developers???"
"Has Xbox One already won 2015???"
"Does the PS4 have any games???"
"Is Sony losing favor with Third-Party developers???"

Xbox_Z_best1443d ago

Well said friend. Bubbles.

starchild1443d ago

Actually, there would have been lots of articles, just as there were when Rise of the Tomb Raider was announced to be "exclusive" to the Xbox One.

I was against it then and I made quite a few comments to that effect. And I'm against it now too.

theflyindutchman1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Well said!
Bubble vote added

joab7771443d ago

It is what it is. Consoles are fighting to sell themselves. Whatever they can do is fine.

There is plenty to play on each and if u cannot live without it, then that's the console for you.

I love my PS4 and if MS releases an exclusive I cannot miss, I will buy one. Until then, there's so much to play on what I have.

...and how many PC games have I wished I could play? So many.

starchild1443d ago

American biased journalists? That sounds extremely ignorant.

Also, why stop at games like Dead Rising 3 or Titanfall? This kind of thing has been going on for many generations.

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qwerty6761443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

this is hilarious, here we have sony pulling the same thing microsoft did.

wheres the petitions and internet rage. the hypocrisy is strong in this one.

i remember all the comments about how microsoft is the devil for paying to keep games off ps4 like tomb raider

and here we have sony doing the exact same thing, just sad.

GameDev11443d ago

I love how people compare the tomb raider deal to this without thinking

First SFV is on two platforms, PS4 and PC, which means XOne owners can still play if they have a PC. Tomb Raider is only on 360 and One, basically if you dont have an MS console, you cant play TR. You dont have to have a PS4 to play this

Tomb raider was first announced at E3 with no exclusivity, people preordered and where ready, then it became as an exclusive. SFV is announced exclusive to PS4 and PC from the start, that is if the trailer leak is the final confirmation

Basically, you dont have to have a Sony console to play SFV, You have to get an MS console for TR

speedforce1311443d ago

Roll with it or get rolled over.

GameDev11443d ago

Except the game is multiplat, as in on PS4 and PC

Benjammin251443d ago

Most Xbox one exclusives are multiplat too then.

GameDev11443d ago

Arent they? Except Titanfall is an MS exclusive as it restricts you only to Windows software

Ryse and DR3 I assume doesnt need windows

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )


Titanfall, Ryse, Dead Rising, are all multiplatform according to you since they are on PC too. I find it truly amazing how some are quick to point out that games on the PS4 are not truly exclusive to PS4 when they haven't even sifted through the pile of crap in their own closet to see if many of the "so called" exclusives on their console of choice are truly "exclusive." If those of you who keep throwing around the word "exclusive" would do a little research, you would discover that many of the prized jewels of the Xbox One are nothing more than timed exclusives, since most of the more notable XB1 exclusives usually end up on PC. Just thought i'd throw that out there for clarity and PARITY.

GameDev11443d ago

Errr okay, you are just confirming what we are discussing

user74029311443d ago

cant wait to play one of the greatest fighting franchises on my ps4

Gore-Content1443d ago

Boo, Sony, boo! How dare you! MS is better!

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