Appleton: You may not know it yet, but Telltale Games rules the entertainment industry

Fresno Bee video game columnist Rory Appleton discusses how Telltale Games can do no wrong these days.

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-Foxtrot1471d ago

TellTale games are way overrated, all they do is the same type of point of click game with a new franchise skin over it and because you can't really advance the point and click genre they all play the same.

Sorry but if you strip away the big brand behind their games and they would be average at best for example Walking Dead would just be another Zombie game. That's all they've do take popular franchises with huge existing audiences behind them and make a game out of it. Jurassic Park, Tales of Monkey Island, Back to the Future, Walking Dead, Borderlands, Game of Thrones etc....nothing they've done has been brand new and original from scratch.

Not to mention in some cases half the work has been done for them, the characters, their personalities, the worlds lore, the names of the locations, what they are like, among lots of other things, I mean some things they do have to create themselves but again most of the work is still done from them.

They get way too much credit for what they do, they've done so many point and click games now that they all feel the same.

Blacklash931470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

If you don't like the experiences that Telltale games offer, don't buy them. The gameplay is what matters the least, and people play these games for the same reasons people play visual novels.

Many people like these games and they know exactly what to expect from them. Consequently, they praise them and Telltale for filling the niche. That doesn't make them "overrated" or other conceited nonsense.

"Sorry but if you strip away the big brand behind their games and they would be average at best for example Walking Dead would just be another Zombie game."

Weak speculation. Telltale's The Walking Dead has very, very little to with the comics or TV show. The characters and stories stand on their own. The same applies to all the other Telltale adaptions to a large extent. Unless you can peek into an alternate universe, there's no way to check the merit of that sort of assertion, so don't pretend there is.

breakpad1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Telltales games are the worst type of games, except the fact that the quality behind them is worse than sh*t, they are also cheap stealing machines (5$the episode)..bad holywood stories with bad (lazy made) graphics engines and non existing gameplay mechaniks (point and click)...they re exactly like the cheapest holywood product...i hope these type of paying (stealing ) the games do not become a trend to other companies (Capcom i see u)

Blacklash931470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

The worst type of games, except for their bad technical foundation? Huh? Anyway, I agree their engine and production values could use big improvements.

I like their stories. Anyone can call even the best stories bad for XYZ reasons and every story gets harshly talked down on by people negative attitudes, so I'm not going to get hung up on you disliking them. And $5 for 2-3 hours of content is arguably proportionally better than a $60 game that offers around 10 hours of playtime.

It seems gamers have a problem with things that aren't made their liking. That's no less evident than their frequent deathwishes toward certain genres, like JRPGs. Don't like a niche, use your consumer choice and ignore it. That's all you can do. Self-righteous posturing over the preferences and opinions of others doesn't accomplish anything. :/

lemoncake1470d ago

Personally I love that telltale games brought the point and click genre back from the dead, I don't want them to do anything other than continue the work they have been doing for this genre.

They are only doing already established franchise but for the most part they have done a really really good job at these, other companies as we know just throw out trash games with a big name. The fact that they made me fall in love with monkey island and Sam and max again tells me how good they are, if they did a completely new ip I am sure they would do a great job.

When I see telltale I know that it's going to be good and I am going to be entertained, even their worst attempts are far from being bad. For me if that continues that's all that matters.

Mega241470d ago

I understand your point of view on this, but you also have to understand that the majority of people don't think or like the same stuff as you, me or others do.

I also think that Telltale games are that good, but people like narrative interactive, point and click is pretty much how PC gaming started.

-Foxtrot1470d ago

"majority of people don't think or like the same stuff as you, me or others do"

I never said people did...or should.

Mega241470d ago

But you are call their games overrated, because of your opinion, meaning you don't like them and think a different way unlike those who like them and love them.

Like people saying Last Of Us was overrated, because of their opinion towards games like that. You are basing your opinion as fact.

LeCreuset1470d ago

Your first criticism can be said about a lot of genres. You are right that the first steps have been taken for them, but Tales from the Borderlands fleshes out that world and story in a way the source just hasn't. I've read every issue of Walking Dead and seen every episode. The game is the better, and there are many that agree.

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uth111471d ago

I remember when they first started. They were a small studio of ex-LucasArts people creating the games that LucasArts didn't want to do anymore.

Now LucasArts is defunct, and TellTale is huge!

Blacklash931470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

I hope they get themselves a better engine, so they can boost the quality of their visuals and animation which is sorely needed at this point. With their successes in recent years, they can afford it.

Spotie1470d ago

You are correct. They're doing well, but they don't even rule gaming, let alone entertainment at large.

Emme1470d ago

Never touched anything but demos from TElltale, and they never made want to actually buy a game. I think the artwork is too rough, arbitrary, generic, and the handling is bad. Might be the TT derivative of a franchise is the new Lego-whatever, but I dont like. I dont like the new Kings Quest either :D Those games just dont look good enough for me to spend hours staring at those environments. Trine looks fantastic, these dont.

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