PALGN: Hannah Montana: Music Jam Review

PALGN via Gamer Kids writes: "Unless you have been living under a rock in the last couple of years, you'd know that aside from High School Musical, Hannah Montana is one of the biggest children's entertainment acts to come out of the wonderful world of Disney in recent years, making its young star Miley Cyrus a household name in virtually every corner of the world.

Following the phenomenal success of the Hannah Montana television show, a number of products have successfully followed, ranging from DVDs and CDs to its entry into the world of videogames last year. Following on from the previous title, the second Nintendo DS videogame in the Hannah Montana stable is Hannah Montana: Music Jam, a game which combines elements of the television series with that of an instrumental rhythm game similar to what we've seen in such portable music titles such as Jam Sessions and the Guitar Hero series of titles.

Music Jam's Adventure Mode allows gamers the opportunity to play out the story mode of the game - which plays out quite like an episode of the TV show. As her manager, Miley's dad sets up various in-store appearances, interviews and music video shoots for Hannah Montana, with Miley trying to juggle her double life as the popular pop-star by also trying to live her life as a normal kid would. While most of Miley's difficulty comes from juggling her double life, a new pop-star rival has arrived on the scene, giving Miley even more dramas than usual."

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