eBay Expects 'Significant Interest' For 20th Anniversary PS4 Consoles

Announced just days before it is slated to become available, the Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 is causing quite the brouhaha.

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ValKilmer1444d ago

Wow, this is horrible news. I was hoping the interest was just hype, but now it looks like we're going to have to play thousands of dollars for these things.

-Foxtrot1444d ago

I want this...but only to keep as a collectible

Wish I had the money :|

-Foxtrot1444d ago

I don't know to be honest

On one hand I would like to see it, I mean I've obviously bought it HOWEVER the thought that I have it would be enough. I mean god knows how much it would go for in the future.

I know this is silly but I have a dream that when I'm older and get my own house I can install a basement and transform it into a video game museum full of all the consoles along with some rare variations such as this PS4.

Steelbooks flooding the shelves, collectors editions behind glass cabinets, Artbooks on stands, statues standing proudly and some really nice wall mounts of replica weapons.

That's the dream :)

Mr_cheese1444d ago

No, I'd completely OCD and put the box on a shelf dusting it every other moon.

Knowing I have it is the treasure of not playing it.

SmielmaN1444d ago

I'm going to do my best to buy one or two of these things at retail prices but I would not open it at all. It would go in bubble wrap, then in a bag, then in a sturdy storage tote. An item like this could be worth a couple thousand by the time the 30th anniversary rolls around. But I would expect the initial week of sale on the secondary market will prob boost them up to $2000+ but that won't last after the few guys who can afford that get theirs.

I do a lot of selling/buying of collectibles on ebay and at hobby shops lol. It's kinda my thing.

DragoonsScaleLegends1444d ago

Step 1: Win the lottery
Step 2: Buy 10 of them from ebay
Step 3: send me one

xHeavYx1444d ago

Ok, I'll send you one as soon as I get the money from the lottery. I may not buy 10 though. Just 2.

Themba761444d ago

watch how many ppl buy this system and never open it up and play it.

SmielmaN1444d ago

That would be me. It's a number collectible of 12,300 that's going to a potential buying audience of 80-100 million gamers/enthusiasts. These systems will sell high on he secondary market.

I've been hitting all the Sony Twitter accounts and Sony customer support lobbying to get an idea of when and where I can buy these and they have all directed me to other Sony support branches and told me that news on that will happen very soon lol. I guess I have to wait until tomorrow at 3. Crap thing is I have to head to my wife's huge fancy Christmas party at this exclusive members only golf club because she has to rub elbows with the big shots as she's being groomed for high level positions lol. Free food and booze though. I'm definitely going to have to explain to her the seriousness of me getting ahold of a couple of these units lol. Good thing she understands collectibles and hobby enthusiasts.

Man I hope I get at least one.... Lol

HeMan761444d ago

I wish I could get one. Playstation One has big memories with me. :(

Eonjay1444d ago

Any predictions for the top bids for these things?

ValKilmer1444d ago

People will start "pre-orders" on eBay tomorrow when they confirm they've bought one and we see them listed at $2,000+.

uth111444d ago

In the thousands easily.

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The story is too old to be commented.