Sixth ‘Battlefield 4′ DLC Pack To Be Announced Next Week

'Battlefield 4' producer David Sirland confirms that more DLC is on the way and could be announced December 9th.

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Phoenix761350d ago

As long as its still free to premium members than I'm cool with that

KwietStorm1350d ago

*As long as it's free to premium members and includes the AN-94

bmf73641350d ago

Oh god. In BF3 it shot the 2 round burst at 1200rpm. IRL it shoots at 1800rpm. DICE needs to be careful with how they balance it if they do add it.

xReDeMpTiOnx1350d ago

If they add the an94 I will play the game, call it weird but I strictly didn't play bf4 because of no an94 and well how trash it was at launch.

An94 has been in tons of bf games don't know what happened

Matt6661349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

they should include the scar-l and more semi-auto snipers

MetroidFREAK211350d ago

6 DLC packs... Jesus this game keeps getting bigger and bigger

DxTrixterz1350d ago

There was supposed only to be 5 DLC packs but seeing how much EA and DICE has lets say nicely without swearing released broken game it's kinda say thank you from them. Still I hope it will be at least free for those who didn't get premium.

TWB1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Some (maybe two) months ago when people were searching through BF4s files they actually found 2 additional DLC packs, though one of them was in a numerical order before final stand (it was 5th, final stand 6th and then there was 7th which is probably what they are going to announce).

EDIT: since final stand is "story wise" supposed to be the last DLC I think this one has to be something a bit different.

A WWII or BF2142 related DLC with new weapons and 4 maps would be great.

koolaid2511350d ago

I'm already almost at 70 gigs for bf4, I'm gonna need a bigger hard drive

1350d ago
Dirtnapstor1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

More BF goodness!

Dino mode please!

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