The React Podcast Episode 11 – Street Fighter V

New about Street Fighter V broke out recently. A leaked trailer you can see here on The Koalition shows everyone that the game is indeed coming out. Yet the big deal isn’t the fact that the game is actually being made, but that Street Fighter V will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC. Its a very big deal for fighting game fans around the world. If you don’t own a PlayStation 4, you may need to purchase one soon if you want to play the latest iteration of Capcom’s classic fighting game series. But is there more to this news?

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Romudeth1446d ago

This is megaton of epic proportions. Sony is in full beast mode right now.

Venomousfatman1446d ago

It definitely is a big deal. This weekend is definitely a great weekend for everything happening with Sony and PlayStation. One can only imagine what else they have in store.

At the same time, one needs to wonder just how MS is going to respond or bring out for Xbox One. Because them losing out on Street Fighter could really work against them.

LordStig1446d ago

So Sony pulled a Raging Demon.

rbailey1446d ago

I think it's an absolute given that this game will eventually come to Xbox One in some form or faction. People shouldn't be angry either because this is on the exact same playing field as the Tomb Raider announcement from earlier this year. I expect many more announcements in the future regarding other games becoming exclusives so stay tuned.

Venomousfatman1446d ago

Even so, for the time that it is only on PS4, Microsoft is definitely losing out on the momentum going to Sony. All the fighting game fans will now head out to go get PS4s. Killer Instinct is not enough to keep them happy on Xbox One. If there's no street fighter or other big fighting games there, they will go look elsewhere.

rbailey1446d ago

Killer instinct is definitely not enough but lets also not ignore that Mortal Kombat is also coming out on both platforms next year. Even if Street Fighter 5 sells well on PS4 and PC, I guarantee that Mortal Kombat will sell even better across all platforms. I'm honestly looking forward to Mortal Kombat more than this but indeed its a MEGA announcement for all those who care about Street Fighter lol

jaydonbatb1446d ago

I hope this game is awesome because i completely sucked at SFIV. I'm a big fan of fighting games but that game wrecked me haha. I'll definitely check it out though.

N4g_null1446d ago

I thought sony fans only wanted pretty and story. This is a super hardcore game here. It seems sony is trying to get me. Unfortunately I'll have this on pc in 4k baby... just a little more cash sony! And you almost had me. That 3ds version was fun too. I'm wondering if this will sell to the cod and uncharted fans?

Who cares about exclusive that come to pc though. This is a Megaton for pc actually!

HisRoyalFlyness1446d ago

I honestly don't see how this is a big deal plus I notice a lot childish spite towards MS in the vain of, "You may have Tomb Raider but we have Street Fighter"

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