King of Wushu - NVIDIA Trailer

NVIDIA Trailer of King of Wushu.

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Hitman07691443d ago

OH SNAP Wait What? King of waifu? What does that word mean anuyways

TheJacksonRGN1443d ago

Wushu, not waifu. Lol. It is a Chinese martial art.

DragonKnight1443d ago

It's funny because Wushu isn't really a fighting martial art so much as a performance martial art. I mean yeah, there are "moves" that you can use in fighting, but it's meant to be choreography more than for fighting but it is also a sports based Martial Art too.

I guess it makes perfect sense that CryEngine would be used for a game that's about a flashy martial art. Still, looks pretty good.

ABizzel11443d ago

"Engaging Realistic Battles"

Golden Dragon attacks, jumping 20 feet in the air, one swing knocks out a whole army. LOL.

It looks good, but when the trailer was opening I thought my Jade Empire was about to live on in another game, but it looks more like Dynasty Warriors with better graphics.

TheJacksonRGN1443d ago

Looks visually impressive and the combat looks fun. Reminds me of Dynasty Warriors.

DragonKnight1443d ago

I thought the same and hoped that DW would incorporate some more flashy style like that in the future.

BG115791443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

The hair and the cloth look cool, but it ends there. The rest of the frame models is ugly, worse then SF4 on PS3.
The animations look so very rigid and what's that about the motion blur? The worse is when they are trying to define this as an game to "engage realistic battles"? Ok but where is the realism in the video?
Looked like an turn battle RPG with a lot of numbers popping up to show damage.

Common PC can do better than that!

DuoBrian1443d ago

Seeing as the game doesn't have a release date, it will get better.

--bienio--1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Nice looking forward to this title:) pc master race:)

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