Game Revolution: Ninja Gaiden II Review

Game Revolution writes: "People familiar with the first Ninja Gaiden are also probably familiar with breaking their controllers. Few games have had their difficulty so carefully balanced – and hard – to tickle that flange connected to my rage center. Some people, with a special brand of rage, remember the bosses who were impossible to stun. Others clench their fists at the mere mention of those goddamned ghost fish.

Ninja Gaiden 2 continues this proud tradition, at least if you're playing the proper difficulty level. The not all that easy setting is for skirts and guys who don't eat enough red meat and chili peppers!

Ryu Hayabusa, wielder of the Dragon Sword and top ninja in the Hayabusa clan, is an all around badass waiting for your input. You will run along walls, leap up walkways, and pin people to walls with arrows. You will perform finishing moves that chop both legs off a ninja, leaving him on the meaty stubs that once were his limbs, and then cut his head off. The gameplay is substantially cooler than anything that happens in the cutscenes, and that is a Good Thing."

+ Genuinely challenging game
- . . .though it may cause you to break controllers
+ Fantastic action
+ Excellent visuals
+ Slick animations
- Cannot hear voice acting in some cutscenes
- Incoherent story
- Re-fighting bosses
+ Makes you man up and eat that hot pepper

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