UK Weekly Sales Chart

Week Ending November 29th

UK Hardware by Platform

Platform Weekly (change) Total

XOne 122,039 (+111%) 1,189,19 7
PS4 118,730 (+108%) 1,529,051
3DS 45,678 (+103%) 2,592,479
WiiU 14,257 (+114%) 365,394
X360 10,235 (+68%) 8,972,522
PS3 9,172 (+78%) 5,983,602
PSV 2,704 (+114%) 505,383
Wii 851 (+21%) 8,648,737

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JMaine5181471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Good job Xbox One and Ps4

mushroomwig1471d ago

Yeah, impressive numbers all round.

AndrewLB1471d ago

I love how you guys always attack the messenger when it's something your ideology prevents you from accepting, especially since rational individuals use facts to backup their claims. You all did the exact same thing to "WorldsFactory" in the other thread.

XanderZane1471d ago

Yup.. sales are up on the XB1 in the UK. That's good news. Everyone has outsold the Wii U already. Microsoft needs to keep the momentum going into next year.

Rimeskeem1471d ago

Nice to see the consoles jumping up

RiseofScorpio1471d ago

Keep doing your thing man it doesnt matter of they thumb you down.

BlissSeeker1471d ago

Most impressed with Wii U and PSV tbh with 114% increase in sales.

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The story is too old to be commented.