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Hardcore Gamer: "Ubisoft is a company with a strong track record and such a hefty fan base that they have the resources to do virtually anything with their games. While the last year hasn’t treated them as well it could have critically, they still have some of the most commercially successful franchises under their belt. With the newly formed Ivory Tower, Ubisoft has helped create yet another overly ambitious product of immense size. Mapping out The United States of America, players across the world can now join together to drive from the beautiful vistas of Miami to the sand stricken deserts of Nevada. While this doesn’t include city across the way, it’s the scenery and social aspects that should have players coming back for more."

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DawginTow11471d ago

Still getting this game; that map is the big draw for me, entire U S of A!

Heard it still has some server issues, hope those get ironed out soon (still don't know y it had to be always-online tho :s)

uth111471d ago

I picked it up. The server issues are random disconnects. I didn't have any last night after the maintenance.

Galletto31471d ago

So is the online functionality of this game similar to last years Need for Speed?

I'm drawn to the huge map like in Test Drive Unlimited, but it was frustrating, to say the least, dealing with server issues on racing games.

ValKilmer1471d ago

And just like that The Crew died: not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Ubisoft sent this off to die.

USMC_POLICE1471d ago

I played last night for 4 hours and today for 5 I have been disconnected once on ps4.