The Dark Below: How Destiny Should Have Learned From WoW, But Didn't

Destiny has received its fair share of criticism since its release. With the upcoming 'The Dark Below' expansion set to release next week we can't help but take notice of some serious things it's doing wrong. Perhaps Bungie should have looked to Blizzard for some pointers?

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nominal2661470d ago

Great article.

I have agreed with and reiterated most everything of this article within the bungie forms for the past few days. Hundreds, if not thousands of people agree. Its just too bad Bungie wont actually listen.

orakle441470d ago

Bungie has already changed quite a bit with the game, because they do listen to the players. Changes don't happen over night, there is a process that takes place, they have to see how said changes effect other things and so on. That all takes time.

It's not good to jump to conclusions.

Christopher1470d ago

Bungie has given the semblance of change, but really hasn't.

Issue #1: Legendaries were rare, people found ways to farm engrams to get them rather than doing content that awarded you mostly garbage gear (if anything).

Fixes made: remove ways to farm, made legendaries always a result from cryptarch turn ins, removed legendaries from chests, made legendaries even more rare of drops, slightly improved chances of legendaries from certain content.

Result: They got you to stop farming and in the process legendaries are just as hard, if not harder, to come by than before.

Issue #2: Atheon portion of raid is bugged with various issues, people glitched Atheon since it was easier and less time consuming.

Fixes made: Removed any way to glitch it, did not fix issues, made raid harder by randomizing who goes through the portals.

Result: Raid is now harder to do but still has glitches.

averagejoe261470d ago

The game was too easy. I can't believe people complain that it got harder or that legendaries are hard to find.

They're legendaries!! They should be hard to find.

I'm glad the game became more difficult because it launched with an aim towards casual gamers. I'm glad they've made it more challenging!

Christopher1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

***The game was too easy. I can't believe people complain that it got harder or that legendaries are hard to find. ***

The problem wasn't just that they are hard to find, it was that they were the only thing to find and you were repeating content all day long just to find them.

If there was something else to gain, probably wouldn't have been so bad.

If the content wasn't just you do the same thing you've been doing for the last month, probably wouldn't have been so bad.

But the only thing we had? Earning new legendaries and exotic weapons.

***I'm glad the game became more difficult***

More difficult due to glitches, not game design. And, the only reason it was hard is because everyone was going in at level 26 to the raid. Now everyone is 28+ and pretty much just wasting time with the motions of the raid content to get better gear.

Spinal1470d ago

yep, Blizzard definitely has it right, 10 mil subs on a 10 year old game. No game let alone MMO can say they have 10 mil monthly paying subscribers.

pompombrum1470d ago

To put that into perspective of just how big WoW is, when the subs rumoured to have dropped below 7m, people from various different gaming/mmo communities were sounding the alarm. I think almost any other developer/publisher would be in dream land if they had between 6-7m active players each month let alone paying subscribers.

averagejoe261470d ago

The games aren't really comparable.

You're comparing one game that costs over a hundred dollars each year plus an initial purchase to play to a $60 game.

Freeball1470d ago

That's a fair point, but even for a $60 game, the content is thin.

Redgehammer1470d ago

Destiny is still my most played gsme every day, and regardless, of any faults, the fun is always there fir me. I will wait until i get to experience the expansions, before i cast judgement.

Halo2ODST21470d ago

It's too less of an experience for adult gamers but good for you, you'l understand the insignificant experience that destiny is when you grow up.

my-proxy1470d ago

Ha i dont remember seeing a "Must Be This Tall To Have Fun" sign on a video game.

Redgehammer1470d ago

If growing up makes me anything like you, I'll stay 44 thanks.

pompombrum1470d ago

Article is absolutely spot on with almost everything however I think it's unfair to compare this DLC content to a proper WoW expansion. Sure Bungie are marketing it as an expansion but really it's just a content update. I've not really bothered paying too much attention to what's on offer but the reskinned bosses alone is enough to make my want to stay away, especially when it's over 1/3 of the cost of a full retail game to buy here in the UK.

Tex1171470d ago

They really did screw up the exotic leveling. I mean, dear gawd, who thought of that?! Can you imagine this conversation at Bungie:

D1: "Hey, do we wanna make sure old exotics stay current?"
D2: "Yeah, there isn't a whole lot of exotics out there and some people really like their guns."
D1: "Cool, I was thinking the same thing. Do you just wanna add a new node or two, but make the experience higher than just the normal mode? You know, SOME grinding but not over the top and keep the perks?"
D2: "Nah, lets have them start completely over on the new weapon and lose all the perks that they have worked for and enjoyed."
D1: "Why?"
D2: "Keeps them playing longer and we don't want them to blow through our new content too quickly."
D1: "Okay, well, what if we let them keep the perks of the weapon, and just have the experience it takes essentially be double."
D2: "Nah."
D1: "Why"
D2: "I want to take something away from the player."
D1: K.

The thing is...The raid is a cool thing to play...Its an interesting experience...but eff...they make you jump through hoops to enjoy it.

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