Gamedaily: Rock Band Wii Review

Gamedaily writes: "The musical phenom that is Rock Band continues its world tour on the Nintendo Wii. Seven months passed since the game debuted on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, making its arrival later than expected. Despite several limitations that make it slightly weaker than its predecessors, this Wii game still knows how to rock.

In case you're unfamiliar with Rock Band, here's the rundown. The Harmonix development crew took the Guitar Hero games (they created the first two GH games before Activision bought the brand name) and its Karaoke Revolution series and expanded it into the ultimate party game. Up to four people can play in the a band, a USB microphone, a separate guitar controller (with an effects knob and whammy bar) and a stand-up drum set, respectfully.with one singing vocals, two playing lead and rhythm/bass guitar and the fourth playing on a drum set. It's mostly a co-op effort, although two-on-two versus contests are available."

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