Dragon's Dogma Online Copyright Discovered

It seems that a new copyright has come to light for Capcom's answer to Dark Souls, under the full name Dragon's Dogma Online.

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MysticStrummer1269d ago

"Capcom's answer to Dark Souls"

Dragon's Dogma isn't much like the Souls games at all…

I loved DD but the "Online" thing makes me nervous that Capcom is going to screw it up somehow. I just want DD2 please.

BiggCMan1269d ago

Was about to say the exact same thing. Dragon's Dogma took no inspirations from Souls at all, what a foolish thing to write from this author. Just because 2 games are dark fantasy, doesn't mean they are similar. That's like saying Souls games are an answer to Elder Scrolls...just no.

Baka-akaB1269d ago

And that's exactly the kind of stupidity you could read back when Demon's Souls started being popular

shloobmm31269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

The only thing that would have made DD better was online. Scrap the pawns and make it 4 player Co op

MysticStrummer1269d ago

I don't think I'd scrap the pawns entirely but 4 player co-op would be a cool option, or 2 player co-op each with their own pawn.

waltyftm1269d ago

And then who exactly am i going to throw off a cliff ;)

Ratty1269d ago

Completely agree with you. That's the one change I would bring to the DD formula. Maybe I'd keep pawns for people who wanted to play offline.

Online makes it sound like a MMO though.

joab7771269d ago

I would be fine with Co entering other ppl's worlds.

Bit this sounds like an mmo. It could be great but no sacrifice to combat, I want the party and sharing companions to stay.

I loved the endgame content for DD. It is the best endgame content for an sp rpg I can remember.

Capcom always makes me nervous. And i would prefer a simple sp game with a better story. It's one of my favorite rpgs ever made.

MysticStrummer1269d ago

Yeah "Online" isn't necessarily a bad thing. I've just watched Capcom take RE and make it almost unrecognizable so I don't want them to do the same to Dragon's Dogma, one of my favorite games from last generation.

Agreed about the endgame content from DD. I felt like I was starting to play DD2 when I was making my way back to Gran Soren with the sky all dark and ominous. Fun stuff.

breakpad1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

this is bad ..if next Dragons dogma will be only online or MMORPG i will pass ...and i m a huge fan of the first one ...i hope the online part to be optional

UnHoly_One1269d ago

I'm all for co-op, but please don't make it an MMO.


FullmetalRoyale1269d ago

I would like it if you could recruit friends to join up with you, like you did with the npc types in the original. You, and any combination of either up to two friends, or two npc party members could be really cool.

Keeps the game for the single players out there, while letting me team up with my best friend.

Those are my hopes, at least.

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n1kki61269d ago

DD was awesome. I need to go back and finish it.

JMaine5181269d ago

Maybe this is what deep down will turn into

Baka-akaB1269d ago

I doubt that with two different teams for deep down and dragon's dogma . Besides Deep Down is supposed to be like assassin creed , in the sense that modern folks are jumping through some virtual recreation of some past .

Finalement i'd rather end up with two titles , than just a single game

mydyingparadiselost1269d ago

Not like this
Not like this...

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