Super Stardust Ultra unveiled for PlayStation 4

An explosive new outing for Housemarque’s classic shoot ‘em up series

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BigBosss1467d ago

Hell Yeah! Huge fan of the Super Stardust series! :D

nX1467d ago

Same here, even got the AddOns and the Vita version, love this game. 2-4 player coop is the icing on the cake.

slutface1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

omg memories of 2007....when i first got my ps3...SS was the first psn game i bought

nucky641466d ago

me too........and resogun was the first game I played on ps4 - uh, wonder who made that game? LOL

Kurisu1466d ago

And it was the first game to support Trophies :) I will definitely be picking this up, loved it on PS3.

nucky641466d ago


eddieistheillest1466d ago

Yesss , I never had a chance to play this.

DigitalRaptor1466d ago

Amazing series. Better than Resogun in many ways.

Glad to see it come back to PS4.

nucky641466d ago

I think both SSHD and resogun are awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.