2K Games Banned Someone from WWE 2K15 for Uploading Chris Benoit’s Face Textures

CraveOnline: "2K Games has banned a user from playing WWE 2K15 after he uploaded Chris Benoit’s face textures to the game’s community creations.

"Cory Bundick complained to 2K Games that had received a two-week ban for “no reason,” before 2K’s Marcus Stephenson sent him a reply on Twitter, telling him: “You were banned because you uploaded a Chris Benoit face to community creations.”

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yewles11444d ago

I can't wait for the imminent execution of a gamer over uploading Hitler's face.

dbjj120881444d ago

So Benoit isn't in the game?

Tyrantt20051444d ago

Ive been banned for uploading a t-shirt with Benoit's name on it. Its been 7 days now after contacting 2k customer service,with no online and no idea if the ban can be lifted.

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The story is too old to be commented.