Street Fighter V's Announcement Trailer Is A Giant Love Letter

Castle Geek-Skull was highly impressed with Street Fighter V's announcement trailer given its great effort towards honoring the franchise's history and fanbase.

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98xpresent1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

And a giant middle finger towards the X box brand LOL. Capcom is taking their talent down to Sony

FriedGoat1468d ago

I can't believe the sheer amount of posts in the SF5 stories, it's marvelous. Nice to see capcom appreciating Sony for a change. Monster Hunter vita would be nice now too.

darthv721468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

i think they appreciate Sony quite nicely with their other exclusive...Deep Down.

SF was never an exclusive unless you want to say the 1st release of SF2 on the SNES or the original on the PCE/TG16 as Fighting Street.

the games were never properly represented on sony platforms. From the original PS1 up to the PS3 there was always something a with the translation. Could be the default control mechanics as the games are certainly better played with full on fighting sticks as opposed to game pads.

But to me (personally) the saturn had the best arcade to home translations prior to the dreamcast release of SF3. then you get the compilations on the PS2 and xbox and while both the 360 and Ps3 had SF4, you have to give capcom some serious credit for making an effort with a game like Tatsunoko vs SF on the wii. Its a fantastic game all things considered.

So the announcement of SF5 for PS4/PC isnt so much a honor to the fans or the franchise as it is more about Sony trying to boost sales of their system in JP.

I mean think about it. All consoles are selling poorly over there. So anything that could get people to put down their mobile or portable device and pick up a fighting stick is what sony is hoping to achieve. As for the PC release...seems a bit odd but then again with the ease of plugging in a xbox or ps controller to a PC means that those without the PS4 could still play using their controller of choice.

It will be interesting to see if Capcom takes the usual approach. release this game and then 6 months later release the Super edition for all platforms (wii-u included).

1468d ago
SoapShoes1468d ago

@Darth Street Fighter III was only on DC, that was an exclusive but the only one ever as the series has been on almost all platforms.

darthv721468d ago

@soap, yeah I made a booboo. SF3 and 2nd impact are DC exclusive but 3rd strike is not.

The only exclusives to the PS platform are the EX games.

DevilOgreFish1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

98xpresent - "And a giant middle finger towards the X box brand LOL. Capcom is taking their talent down to Sony"

I would be a little realistic here with the simple facts, Sony did not publish this or fund it, it's a company agreement for which Capcom still owns the rights to the street fighter IP.

There is also a PC version and will most likely have xbox controller buttons prompts. The Xbox one Version is most likely withheld code targeted at an other date.

Perjoss1468d ago

I see its exclusive to PC, what about PS4, can we play it on PS4?


aCasualGamer1468d ago

I'm only a PS4 owner but i still don't understand why 3rd party developers go exclusive and i don't agree with it at all. I hope that trend dies quickly.

The first party studios should be the main focus of both Sony and Microsoft.

All 3rd party devs should make their games available to as many players as possible.

Sad that in 2014 we still have these major titles being exclusive, especially after they already released the previous iterations for all platforms.

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cero551468d ago

I can guarantee you will see Street fighter V on xbox one later on.

FriedGoat1468d ago

The wording was pretty specific. I think they could get around it with a "super" street fighter game in the future.

DigitalRaptor1468d ago

A bit like how you will see Dead Rising 3 on PS4 later on?

Think again.

Angeljuice1468d ago

How do you guarantee it? Do I get money if you're wrong?

GearSkiN1468d ago

Ppl like you should be ignored

G20WLY1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

"Ppl like you should be ignored", he replied in a fit of pique, blissfully unaware of his contribution to future would-be scholars searching for the very definition of irony.

Lol, I kid. Great to learn that they're working on a new Street Fighter game! It looks sharp too... :)

DigitalRaptor1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Not really.

Street Fighter franchise has historically flip-flopped on platforms it's been on.

Dead Rising has been the same.

This is Capcom for you. They are not in a healthy position.

its_JEFF1468d ago

People can disagree with you all they want, but it is what it is. If SF5 is a FULL exclusive, it is basically a slap in the face to 1/2 of the fighting community.

Oh and if you were wondering I only have a PS4, always been a PS guy. This kind of thing, if it continues, will only end in more butthurt... stop being hypocrite, you know this isn't good.

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reaperofsouls1468d ago

will someone please pass me the salt lol

pompombrum1468d ago

Grab it yourself, it's next to the whine!

DragonbornZ1468d ago

Heh... that's pretty good.

Gore-Content1468d ago

Can't wait for this one. Happy gaming!

--bienio--1468d ago

Happy time for Pc ans Ps4 players good:)

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