Gamernode: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Review

Gamernode writes: "Strategy RPGs have become an increasingly popular genre for the gamer on the go. Setting you up with the basics of controlling one side and defeating the other in a short amount of time, it's a perfect example of quick, fun gaming goodness. Titles like Disgaea, Front Mission, Advance Wars, and Final Fantasy Tactics are just a few who manage to do it particularly well. So when another game in one of the series just mentioned is released, it tends to be a big deal for the strategist in us.

Recently released Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (FFTA2 from now on) for the Nintendo DS is not some second rate sequel filled with old gameplay mechanics and a different paint job over it. Besides its fairly new story, FFTA2 helps beginners get into the game without much hardship with a quick and easy tutorial, while maintaining the difficulty wanted by many veteran SRPG players. Your character, similar to the first FFTA, is transported to the world of Ivalice after opening a mysterious magical book. Once you find your way around the new world you start making friends and join a clan -- a group of controllable characters you take onto the battlefield. Even though the story isn't as mature and epic as the original Final Fantasy Tactics that was released in 1998 on the PS1, the story does keep you interested the whole way through. Besides trying to find your way back home, you are presented with 400 quests that span many battlefields and hundreds of pieces of loot to improve the quality of not only your character, but his particular job as well."

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PS360WII3793d ago

Yeah this game is great and some battles you win by the skin of your teeth ^^